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Crystal Sorey: Harmony Montgomery's mom claims ‘violent ex' might have sold daughter for drugs

'When I was in a relationship with him, he used to choke me. [When] I was pregnant with her, he choked me,' Sorey said about Adam Montgomery
Harmony Montgomery's mother Crystal Sorey (L) has claimed her 'violent ex' may have sold their missing daughter (News Nation, Manchester NH Police)
Harmony Montgomery's mother Crystal Sorey (L) has claimed her 'violent ex' may have sold their missing daughter (News Nation, Manchester NH Police)

Harmony Montgomery's mother has accused her "violent ex" of selling their "missing daughter" in New Hampshire. At the time of her disappearance in October 2019, Harmony was not in the case of her mother. 

Opening up in an interview with NewsNationNow, Crystal Sorey, the biological mother of the seven-year-old girl, opened up about her daughter's father, Adam Montgomery. She claimed that Adam was violent and may have sold their daughter for drugs. When asked if she had ever seen her ex being violent, she said, "Yeah, when I was in a relationship with him. He used to choke me. [When] I was pregnant with her, he choked me."


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What happened to Harmony Montgomery?

Harmony Montgomery (Manchester NH Police)

She then explained what she thought happened to her daughter. "I think he sold her because the same week that they're saying this happened — the day after Thanksgiving to December 6 — was the week after my son legally got adopted on the news. He knew what my son looked like. ... He saw that and I really think that's connected," she added. I think he got that idea from seeing that and was like 'Oh, I can do it illegally.'"
Sorey admitted that she feels guilt "every day" because she "played a part in this." She explained, "I'm not going to sit here and act like I'm innocent. I'm a recovering addict. When I gave birth to her, I didn't know anything [sic] about being a parent. I didn't know anything about getting in recovery. But I never stopped trying." She also added that Harmony's father should have never had her custody.
Since Harmony's mother was dealing with addiction, she said that no one took her concerns seriously. She also accused the police in Manchester, New Hampshire, of only getting involved when she threatened to confront the media. She is now hoping people will "hear" her and "come forward and tell us something because somebody knows something." "I thought she was with her dad and he was just being a jerk and that's what I hoped was happening. In my head, I knew something was wrong, something was very wrong," Sorey said. She also noted that her daughter seemed "terrified" on their video chats.

Adam Montgomery arrested

Harmony Montgomery was reported missing in December 2021, two years after she was last seen. Police have carried out a search for Harmony and raided the home where she was last known to have lived. Detectives have since been unable to find any evidence. 

Adam was arrested last week on charges linked with his daughter Harmony's disappearance. Sorey broke her silence on the case on Saturday, speaking at a candlelight vigil attended by family and friends. "Hi, baby. If you can see me and hear me, I want you to know that I never stopped looking for you and I won't stop fighting until I find you, okay,” she told NBC10Boston in what was a message for her daughter. “You stay strong and mommy's right here fighting for you. I love you!"
Sorey said she last saw Harmony over Facetime around Easter 2019. Since then, Harmony's father, who had legal custody, blocked all contact. "I don't feel like she's gone. I just don't feel that in my heart," Sorey said. "Like, I don't feel like I lost her. And a mother knows, a mother knows if your baby's here or not. I know she's here. We just want her to know how much she's loved and we just want her to come home. If you know anything about my baby, please, I'm begging you to come forward, so she can come home."