'Harlots' Season 3 Episode 6 review: Will Kate replace Charlotte as Greek Street's beauty with brains, wit and balls?

After Charlotte's death, we cannot wait to see how Kate grows and evolves in the coming episodes of ‘Harlots’

                            'Harlots' Season 3 Episode 6 review: Will Kate replace Charlotte as Greek Street's beauty with brains, wit and balls?

There is too much happening in Greek Street.

It is becoming increasingly hard to keep track of what is happening to whom, who we can trust and who deserves a second chance on the show.

We have seen three back-to-back deaths, the comeuppance of a woman who escaped an insane asylum and lost everything on the way, the return of a dead woman, and the men of justice scrambling to find out which victim deserves justice first.

In the most recently aired season 3 episode 6 of ‘Harlots,’ we see Margaret (Samantha Morton), Nancy (Kate Fleetwood) and Emily (Holli Dempsey) struggling to cover up the murder of Isaac (Alfie Allen).

While everyone believes that Margaret is behind the murder—literally everyone, including the love of her life and her husband—we know that it was Nancy who actually avenged Charlotte’s (Jessica Brown Findlay) death.

Emily Lacey, Hal Pincher and Isaac Pincher in 'Harlots' season 3 (Liam Daniel)

While Margaret is used to the running around and hiding, she isn't used to being faced with bitter truths about herself.

However, this season, everyone she loves tells her that she brings chaos with her forcing her to reflect on her actions.

Despite everyone in her past begging her to stay back, she decides to return to America with her husband, to protect herself and those she loves.

It seems like Isaac’s murder will remain closed as long as Margaret stays away from Greek Street, but his brother Hal (Ash Hunter) is spiraling out of control, much to Emily’s chagrin.

In his grief, he has blurted out that it is not Isaac that killed Charlotte, but him.

We are yet to learn how this will affect Emily’s affections for him.

One woman who seems to be able to orchestrate much of what happens in Greek Street is still Quigley (Lesley Manville), who is hell-bent on acquiring power through her new daughter Kate’s (Daisy Head) beauty and charm.

She is, after all, aiming to become the primary mistress of the prince.


Kate, however, is no longer the naïve young woman who escaped the mental asylum with Quigley.

She understands that her “mother” is not to be fully trusted, and that being a harlot is not as easy as she had assumed it would be, and involves a lot more than just having sex—which is something she enjoys.

She does seem to know what makes the prince agreeable and that she needs a man in power by her side more to stay safe.

It is with this agenda that she approaches Justice Knox (Jack Greenlees) towards the end of the episode.

In many ways, she reminds us of Charlotte, who wished no ill on others, but knew that she would do what needs to be done to survive.

We can’t help but reflect on Charlotte’s dying scene, wherein she held Kate’s hand almost as if passing the baton to her, as if to say, “Be the ballsy, witty, charming harlot I know you can be and live the life I deserved to live.”

We cannot wait to see how Kate’s story is going to evolve in the coming episodes of ‘Harlots.’

Episode 7 of season 3 will air next Wednesday, August 21.

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