'Harlots' season 3 episode 4: What happens to Greek Street without Charlotte? Will Jessica Brown Findlay return to the Hulu show?

We helplessly watched Charlotte Wells bleeding to imminent death in season 3 episode 3 of 'Hulu's 'Harlots'

                            'Harlots' season 3 episode 4: What happens to Greek Street without Charlotte? Will Jessica Brown Findlay return to the Hulu show?

In the recently aired season 3 episode 3 of Hulu’s ‘Harlots’ we said goodbye to a beloved character – Charlotte Wells, portrayed beautifully by Jessica Brown Findlay. 

Charlotte who was having an affair with her enemy, Isaac Pincher (Alfie Allen), in public, had tried to intervene in a physical altercation between him and his brother Hal Pincher (Ash Hunter) when the latter accidentally pushed her off the railing from the top floor. We helplessly watched her bleeding to imminent death, and despite knowing better, we are forced to wonder if Findlay will continue on in the show, and Charlotte will survive the fall.  

From the interviews that the show’s creators and Findlay herself have given it is pretty evident that Charlotte is not as prone to escaping death as her mother Margaret Wells (Samantha Morton) is. In an interview with TV Line, the show’s EP Moira Buffini revealed that Findlay was ready to explore other avenues of her career and was ready to say goodbye to ‘Harlots,’ but they wanted to ensure that her death, while tipping a hat to the risks she took, also wasn’t too sordid or horrible. 


"Charlotte Wells is such a fighter. We wanted to tell the story of the risks she took but we didn't want her death to be a horrible, sordid murder,"  Buffini explained. "It is as shocking as it should be and affects every single character, changing some of them forever. The repercussions are still being felt at the end of the series." 

During an interview with Indie Wire, Findlay revealed how emotional shooting that last scene was for her personally. She said, “I had a real moment at the end when I took stock of what an amazing time ‘Harlots’ has been. Being able to come into work every day and play, properly play, was a hard thing to walk away from,” adding, “I always cry at the end of a job as it means so much to me to be there at all, but this one really hit me hard.” 

Despite that, she was happy with the bang with which Charlotte left the show - and a bang it certainly was. The death of Charlotte – as beloved and worshipped as she was for her beauty and wit – will wreak havoc in Greek Street. How her death is going to affect the girls she was housing remain to be seen.  

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