'Happy!' season 3 should find a new home so Hailey can know her father is back from the dead, says actor Bryce Lorenzo

Bryce Lorenzo, who plays Nick’s daughter on the show believes that Hailey definitely had more of her story to tell

                            'Happy!' season 3 should find a new home so Hailey can know her father is back from the dead, says actor Bryce Lorenzo

Syfy recently sentenced 'Happy!' to an untimely death, and unlike protagonist Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni), it doesn't seem like the black comedy will come back from the dead. Did the show have more to offer? Hell, yes!

As actress Bryce Lorenzo, who plays Nick's daughter on the show, tells MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), "Hailey definitely had more of her story to tell. I would have loved to see her be reunited with her dad after thinking he had died, and to see them rebuild their relationship." She added that she was also looking forward to seeing her build a relationship with Merry (Lili Mirojnick). "It would be nice seeing more of Orcus/Blue's character because he was so powerful and he definitely had more tricks up his sleeve," she says.


Nonetheless, Lorenzo is counting her blessings and thankful that at least the show ended with a great twist. Then again, it is too soon to accept that 'Happy!' has truly ended. After all, Netflix and Hulu exist for a reason, right? Either of them would be great for the show, seeing as they would allow the writers of the show to go as big and bold as they did on Syfy and retain its identity as the adult black comedy action drama that it is.

Chris Meloni and Bryce Lorenzo (SYFY)

Being on a show like that as a child actor would mean being sent to your room a lot when it is airing, says Lorenzo, but she is glad to have been part of the show. "For both seasons my parents were able to watch the episodes before they aired, so they would know when to send me to my room for any inappropriate parts," she elaborated, adding, "The second season I got to watch a little more because I read the script fully so I knew what was going on already. But let’s just say that being a kid on an adult show means being sent to your room for those types of scenes a lot!"

And "those type of scenes" usually involved her on-screen dad Nick aka Meloni, who Lorenzo credits as a skilled actor. It was a great experience acting with him, she says, adding how she learned something new every time they worked together. "I enjoy our professional relationship because he is very real with me and treats me like one of his fellow actors, not as a child. After two seasons we have a lot of inside jokes! He always made me feel safe and comfortable, like family," she shares.