'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire': Hannibal Burress and Katherine O'Hara take the hot seat for show's special run

Burress answered the question for $125,000 incorrectly which led to him losing a prominent sum of prize money and walking away with $32,000. O'Hara appeared on the show in the latter half of the show

                            'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire': Hannibal Burress and Katherine O'Hara take the hot seat for show's special run
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The fifth episode of 'Who Wants to Be A Millionaire' starring host Jimmy Kimmel saw comedian Hannibal Burress returning to continue playing the game tonight (May 7).

After winning $200 last week, Burress was back on trying to win as much money he could gather funds for Melvina Masterminds. He founded the organization in Chicago with an aim to build a space to engage lifelong learning in the STEM + Arts fields while providing life skills to empower each member to excel and therefore strengthen the community and society-at-large. 

Burress brought along Buzzy Cohen for advice and help, to navigate through the show. 

After guessing things like rapper Kendrick Lamar winning the Pulitzer prize, he struggled with a question related to the only proper noun that's allowed in Scrabble. With a little help from Buzzy who put things in perspective, Burress won $32,000 and crossed the tenth question mark.

Burress also struggled with the next question that could earn him $64,000 dollars. It was related to the English meaning of the Latin subtitle 'Parabellum' of the film 'John Wick: Chapter 3'.  He had no clue about it and decided to call his father John Burress but that yielded almost nothing. 

Thankfully, Burress had made a decision to trade his lifeline 'Ask the Host' for a chance to go back to Buzzy just one more time if he's ever stuck with a question. The latter helped Burress once again and helped him answer the question correctly. 

With two of his lifelines used up, Burress only had 50:50 to rely on and he did use it to help him narrow down to an option for the question regarding the famous Italian wine - Chianti. However, it wasn't any good and Burress ended up answering it incorrectly which led him to drop from $64,000 to $32,000 dollars. 

Next up on the show was Katherine O'Hara popular for playing Moira Rose on the now-concluded hit show 'Schitt's Creek'.  "No one is as beloved as you are, hope you know!" exclaimed Kimmel before O'Hara quipped, "That's how I describe myself". 

The actress has been a long time watcher of the show and tonight she was playing for a charity called Upward Bound House that co-ordinates with families of homeless children and helps provide housing facilities to them.

She made it to the $32,000 mark on the episode tonight and will be back on next Thursday's episode to play the further questions. 

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