'Hanna' Season 2 Episode 7: Hanna gets Clara to betray UTRAX by baiting her but isn’t sure she can be trusted

'Hanna' Season 2 Episode 7 sees the trained assassin convince her friend Clara once and for all that The Meadows and UTRAX is not something to be trifled with

                            'Hanna' Season 2 Episode 7: Hanna gets Clara to betray UTRAX by baiting her but isn’t sure she can be trusted
Esme Creed-Miles (Amazon Prime Video)

Yet again, Hanna has managed to escape from the clutches of The Meadow. She had tried to help Mannion, but that had failed, and instead, he was killed. So in episode 7 of 'Hanna' Season 2, she arrives in Barcelona and attempts to access the list that Tacitus aka Robert Gelder has herself. She understands the importance of the list and the role that it could play in bringing the UTRAX operation down, once and for all. Following the death of Mannion, Hanna doesn't have anyone to help her.

Hanna had only scratched the surface of who she was really fighting in going against The Meadows. Mannion had introduced her to 'The Pioneer' -- a group of extremist intelligence agents, who had systematically taken over the CIA in the past years. She has no idea how far their connection goes and yet, Hanna decides to help Gelder and access the list. She also decides to ask Clara for help to stop Sandy or the others from The Meadows from taking that shot against Gelder. To get Clara to betray The Meadows, Hanna gives Clara the truth about her mother. She had gathered the details about Clara's mother from Mannion's phone. 

While Clara tries to confirm the truth about her mother's identity; she is conflicted about going through with the kill. She doesn't trust Hanna's claims about UTRAX using the trainees, but the fact that they lied about her mother leaves her confused. So she ends up listening to Hanna and tells Sandy that she lost the target. As UTRAX chases the target with the help of Gelder's daughter Catherine; Hanna tries to do her best to convince Catherine that Sandy isn't who she says she is. It takes her a lot of effort, but she succeeds in convincing the daughter that her father is in danger. It is Catherine who ends up throwing a wrench in Sandy and Clara's plans, but this is also when both Terri and Leo begin to get suspicious of Carmichael as well. He had ordered the girls to take both Robert and Catherine out, and that doesn't sound right to either. 

However, this doesn't mean that the two are against UTRAX either. This is why we see the two of them continue to follow Carmichael's orders. When Clara and Sandy do find the location of Robert and arrive at the hotel to take both him and his daughter out, Clara is unable to go through with it, but Sandy has no struggle pulling the trigger. She kills Robert and leaves Clara behind with Catherine. When Hanna watches Robert die, she is reminded of her own father Erik and it is not easy for her to move past the loss. She does it anyway because it was also Erik who had taught Hanna to fight those at UTRAX. 

While all of this is unraveling in Barcelona, Marissa is being broken out by Mannion's friends who are attempting to break through The Pioneer's ranks and stop them. She is also informed that Hanna did not go through her first assignment and is now trying to help them. So it isn't too long before Marissa joins Hanna. Will Hanna succeed in finding where Robert hid the list of targets before UTRAX does? 

'Hanna' Season 2 premiered on July 3 and all episodes can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. 

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