'Hanna' Season 2 Premiere: A quick recap of Season 1 and where we left Hanna, Clara and Marissa

'Hanna', the Amazon show starring Esme Creed-Miles, is returning for Season 2 on July 3, but before that, here's how things ended in season 1

                            'Hanna' Season 2 Premiere: A quick recap of Season 1 and where we left Hanna, Clara and Marissa
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Amazon Prime Video original 'Hanna' is returning for its second season and this time, Hanna will enter the enemy's lair for a mission. Before she does, here is a look at what exactly transpired in the previous season which starred Joel Kinnaman as Erik, and Esme Creed-Miles as Hanna. The show also saw Mireille Enos play the role of CIA agent Marissa. 

The first season began with Hanna and her father Erik living at a discreet location in Europe, off the radar. Hanna is brought up by her father Erik who trains her as if she were a spy because he is worried that one day soon, the CIA will return to take her away from him. Erik had abducted baby Hanna from a secret facility where babies were housed to be brought up by the CIA with the sole purpose of training them to be mindless assassins or spies for the country. Erik escapes with Hanna and sets up a base in the forests of Eastern Europe. However, when Hanna turns older, she meets another person her own age, a boy at that and her curiosity gets the best of her. 

She begins crossing the border that her father had set to meet this boy who is actually serving at a secret CIA site and that's how Hanna ends up on the CIA radar again. Erik, who had only tried to stop any harm from befalling Hanna, is left to contemplate a quick escape plan. Hanna and Erik decide to go their separate ways to avoid being captured and plan to reunite in Berlin. It is while she is on her own for a few days that Hanna experiences a normal teenager's life and this has her wanting to experience more. 

However, once she reunites with her father and the two of them begin to live with Erik's friends, restrictions are placed and this frustrates Hanna. While she contemplates how her life is different from kids her own age, her father learns that Marissa is close by and so he begins to plan an attack with the help of his friends. Erik is successful at taking Marissa as a prisoner, however, a truth about Erik's past is revealed to Hanna leading to her getting disillusioned and she ends up leaving for London, where she lives with her friend Sophie. Marissa also manages to escape from the clutches of Erik. 

For the first time, Hanna ends up attending a high school party, experiencing her first crush and more, but things turn sour between her and friend Sophie. Turns out Sophie is crushing on the same boy - Anton - and this leads to a misunderstanding. This also gives Marissa the chance to dupe Sophie and her family as Hanna's mother, leaving no choice but for her to leave with Marissa, or hurt Sophie's family. 

Meanwhile, Erik is captured after sustaining life-threatening injuries and is investigated brutally by Sawyer, an agent of the UTRAX operation to which Hanna belonged as a baby. When Marissa returns, she finds out that Sawyer has not been telling her the whole truth about the UTRAX program and she attempts to find out more about it. With Hanna having learned bits and pieces of truth, Erik, who has been injured, realizes that it is time for Hanna to learn the complete truth. Now that the two are captured, Erik takes Hanna back to the facility in Romania where agents of the UTRAX program are being held. 

The father and daughter duo try to save the trainees of the program but fail to convince the majority of them. In fact, only one girl believes them and agrees to escape along with them and that is Clara. With her help, both Erik and Hanna manage to sneak out of the facility, but the season itself ended on a heartbreaking note with Eric succumbing to his wounds. 

The second season of the show will now follow Hanna's journey and what she plans to do to the UTRAX program and its agents. 

'Hanna' Season 2 will premiere on July 3 and all episodes can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

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