'Resurrection' star Han Ji Min donates $81K to support Ukrainian people

'Resurrection' star Han Ji Min donates $81K to support Ukrainian people
South Korean actress Han Ji-min donates 100 million won to support Ukraine people. (Photo by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images)

‘Resurrection’ fame Han Ji Min, 39, has generously made donations to support Ukrainian victims of Russia's invasion. According to UNICEF and Creative Group ING, it was revealed that she donated $81,000 on Tuesday, March 8. After the donation news came out, her fans have been calling her 'an angel’.

Han Ji Min, who debuted at the age of 21 in the series ‘All in’ in the year 2003, has been serving audiences with her great acting skills. She has appeared in a number of films and drama series, including JTBC's 'The Light in Your Eyes' (2019), as well as films like 'The Age of Shadows' (2016). The veteran actress' generous donation of 100 million won went to Ukrainian children whose homes, schools, and sanitation facilities have been destroyed or badly affected. Her kindness shook Knetizens and international fans. At such a crucial moment with Ukrainian people fighting for their lives and rights, Han Ji Min’s huge donation surely will make a difference as it will be used to provide first-aid kits, educational materials, sanitary products, and food packages, according to UNICEF. 


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Fans call Han Ji Min an angel

Han Ji Min posted a sweet note saying, "I wanted to contribute at least a little to the recovery of Ukrainian citizens and children's daily lives. I hope the peaceful day where children in Ukraine can smile and attend school can come soon." Her kind words and actions were loved by the fans. On Twitter, one fan wrote, “literally an angel” while another said, “Girl! You're such an angel. It is so sad to see how a war is going on where people are supposed to be happy and vibrant. I feel so bad for all the lost souls. May actors like Han Ji Min come up and raise their voice towards these sort of chaos!” Notably, another user wrote, “Idk how to express but honestly giving such a huge amount like this is so unexplainable. This is such a big amount and a wonderful actress like her has given. I am so so happy that people like her exist. Moreover, even actress Lee young ae, donated. Wow!! Truly we believe the war between Russia and Ukraine come to an end and people like these actresses prosper.




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