Halsey forced to delete poster featuring Trump as Nazi-Ku Klux Klan supporter fearing Twitter suspension

Shortly after Halsey announced taking down the poster, her followers flooded the comment section with the deleted poster, demanding that she make it a part of her merchandise

                            Halsey forced to delete poster featuring Trump as Nazi-Ku Klux Klan supporter fearing Twitter suspension
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Halsey's freedom of expression was challenged recently after she was forced to take down a protest poster from her Twitter page. The poster featured a caricature of Donald Trump's face, with a Nazi swastika-bearing pacifier in his mouth while shedding dollar tears. In the poster shared by her, Trump was also sporting a tie with the words "#1Fan" written on it, and just below it was the hooded Klansman, a symbol of the Ku Klux Klan. At the bottom of the poster featured the abbreviations to terms related that have been synonymous with the countrywide protests following George Floyd's death: "FDP, FTP, BLM". 

Shortly after sharing the poster, she had to take it down from her page despite her unwillingness. "Damn, had to take down my poster so I wouldn’t get suspended," she tweeted after deleting the post. However, like all things that have made its way on the internet, the poster that she shared too is here to stay. A number of her fans had already taken a screenshot of the poster. Following the tweet announcing the deletion, her fans and followers started commenting under it, attaching the screenshot of the poster along with it.

"Hear me out....if every one of us posts it....they can’t take down ALL of us right?" tweeted a rebellious fan. While there were a number of them who wanted Halsey to make the poster a part of her merchandise and donate the proceeds to a cause. There are a lot of "WE WANT IT ON YOUR MERCH HALSEY," and "merch then donate proceeds??" comments under her tweet. Another comment read, "They’ll always try and suspend the wrong accounts... not the accounts actually doing something wrong".

Halsey is one amongst the many celebrities who've joined the protests and are in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and her social media is proof of the same. She was also very vocal about her displeasure with JK Rowling's anti-trans tweets and wrote: "Imagine writing a generation-defining series about a youth uprisal that defeats a tyrannical monster motivated by the preservation of “pure blood” and looking at THIS time in the world and going “hmm...yep. I’m gonna invalidate trans people.”

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