Halsey drops new single 'You Should Be Sad' and fans thank her ex G-Eazy for inspiring this 'slice of genius'

Halsey talks about her broken, drug addict ex that she tried to help, but the couple eventually broke up in 2018

                            Halsey drops new single 'You Should Be Sad' and fans thank her ex G-Eazy for inspiring this 'slice of genius'
Halsey and G-Eazy (Getty Images)

Halsey just pretty much reinvented the entire concept of shading your celebrity ex in a new song and pretty much the entire internet is okay with it.

After writing countless love ballads like 'Alone' and 'Without Me', the songstress has now come up with her new iconic single 'You Should be Sad' which has made her fans suddenly wonder how her ex G-Eazy is doing. And not just that: these fans want to thank G for inspiring it!

Much like her lyrics for 'Without Me', where Halsey — real name Ashley — talks about a broken, drug addict ex that she tried to help but eventually failed and broke up with, 'You Should be Sorry' follows the same idea. Only that, instead of feeling sorry about their relationship not working out, Halsey pretty much does not give a flying f*ck anymore. She talks about how happy she is that she made out of the relationship and how this ex should be the one feeling sad and sorry for losing her.

Halsey and rapper G-Eazy — real name Gerald Earl Gillum — began dating in August 2017. Or that's at least when the two confirmed their relationship after their hit collab 'Him and I' came out.

The song speaks of a Bonnie and Clyde-Esque romance where the two are loyal to each other until death. The song won over many and this was the main reason why nobody saw the couple's split in 2018 coming. Halsey's music since has given her entire fandom a whole new perspective of the struggle she went through with her rapper ex's alleged drug addiction and seeming refusal to be helped — or so her song indicates.


And now, with the most recent music video for 'You Should be Sad', fans are certain that Halsey has seen the light and it is her ex's time to reel through the not-so-pleasant emotions she went through.

Many took to Twitter to react with remarks like: "I wonder how g-eazy’s doing," and "the way she just murdered g in front of everyone like that #YouShouldBeSad."

Another fan said, "I'd like to report G-Eazy has been found dead #YouShouldBeSad." One fan noted how "within the first 20 seconds the whole halsey fandom knew exactly who "inspired" #YouShouldBeSad," and on a similar note, another fan tweeted: "Thank you G-Sleazy for this slice of genius #YouShouldBeSad."

The entire fandom's reaction to Halsey rising from the ashes of heartbreak is pretty wholesome, honestly.

A fan also remarked how "halsey has proven she's able to make amazing music regardless of the style, genre, or meaning of the song. she's a talented and versatile artist. you should be sad is just further proof of how she's able to make music of different styles! so proud, also the mv  #YouShouldBeSad."

Another one tweeted: "i know that i say the same thing every time halsey releases a new song but i can’t help it, i have to say it. halsey is a complete artist, she puts so much heart and hard work into her art. no one is doing it like her. she's an incredibly talented artist. the fact that most of us thought that this song was a sad song, something we should be sad about but it's actually a very powerful song talking about how the people who lost us should be sad cause we are POWERFUL #YouShouldBeSad. (sic)"

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