'Wipe Your Tears': Halsey leaks own song for Pride Month, even though she'll 'probably get in trouble'

The track from her album 'Manic', titled 'Wipe Your Tears' was seemingly released by the 25-year-old singer without permission. Fans want it shared on streaming platforms like Spotify

                            'Wipe Your Tears': Halsey leaks own song for Pride Month, even though she'll 'probably get in trouble'
Halsey (Getty Images)

Halsey has released an alternative version of a deep-cut from her latest album 'Manic' on social media, June 15, for Pride Month 2020 but it appears as though it wasn't permitted. The track, monikered 'Wipe Your Tears', featured as an exclusive bonus track on the Japanese edition of the studio album which released in January.

On Twitter, Halsey announced the alternate version with,  “Prolly gon get in trouble for this but, happy pride ! here’s the full OG version of wipe your tears. my favorite wlw [women who love women] song of mine that ended up on a special release of Manic…" She added, "If it gets taken down it ain’t my fault.”

Fans who described the song as "SO BEAUTIFUL" are also requesting for a release on streaming platforms. "MAAM PLEASE IM BEGGING RELEASE ON YOUTUBE/APPLE MUSIC/ SPOTIFY PLEASE PLEASE (sic)," asked a fan while another fan wrote, "The money I would pay to have this on spotify is unreal (sic)." One fan said, "Your favorite wlw song of yours yet it didn’t even make it to the final cut of manic ... gays we’ve won but at what cost" and added in another comment, "Can u talk to your people and try to release the full version separately to celebrate pride month." Other comments included, "The fact that you had a pride month gift waiting for us..... thank you gay santa (sic)" and "If they take it down riot (sic)."

After a fan deemed the alternative version of the song as "so superior to the final version," Halsey herself noted that there are "Actually 3 versions of this song in existence hahaha. You guys have 2 of them now." A fan said, "Don't be shy give us the 3rd one" to which Halsey responded, "Omg pls I jussssst leaked the 2nd lemme breathe y’all ravenous." She explained the reason she can't release the third is that it has a featured artist, saying, "I can’t I’ll get in too much trouble cause it has a feature hahah."

Attempting to curb her fans' enthusiasm and remove herself from the responsibility of releasing the demo, Halsey said, "Y’all gonna get me in trouble now shush,” adding, “If I ever leaked a demo version of a song, I don’t leak it bc I did. No I didn’t.”

‘Manic’ is Halsey's third studio album featuring several collaborations from the likes of Alanis Morrissette, Dominic Fike and BTS' Suga, and was preceded by the singles 'Without Me', 'Graveyard' and 'You Should Be Sad''. 

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