'Halo' Episode 3 fan review: 'Not exactly Halo, but can't wait to see what's next'

'Halo' Episode 3 fan review: 'Not exactly Halo, but can't wait to see what's next'
Natascha McElhone in a still from 'Halo' (Paramount+)

'Halo' opened to a positive response from fans, partly due to the fact that it was way different from what most people expected from the Paramount+ series. Episode 3 'Emergence' was all about Cortana (Jen Taylor), John (Pablo Schreiber), and Makee (Charlie Murphy) in three separate storylines that made for an intriguing watch.

This series has its own story to tell despite the familiar characters and the slick fight sequences. There's no connection to the games and it's a different version of Master Chief that battles the Covenant (who are equally different by the way). And that continued even in episode 3 much to the fans' delight. They did share their two cents on Twitter. "Just watched the 3rd episode of #HaloTheSeries The show just keeps on getting better and better. Happy to see my wife is really getting into it too," one of the tweets read. "@HaloTheSeries Who else got really excited seeing @jentaylortown reprise her role as Cortana again! #HaloTheSeries," another said.


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"#HaloTheSeries epsiode 3 was good. I don't really have a problem with Cortana, it's better than that 1 shot in the trailer," one of the fans commented. "So I’ve rewatched episode 3 of #HaloTheSeries a bit more and I’m getting around to it. That energy nail thing is still weird tho. And I’m a bit iffy on what they’re doing with Chief and with Cortana. But the Lekgolo slaughter was epic, I will admit. Rating: 7/10," a tweet read.

"So the latest episode... It’s funny, because while this barely feels like Halo at this point, this episode really hooked me. It’s definitely interesting in its own way, can’t wait to see what comes next! #HaloTheSeries," a comment read.

"Another great episode of @HaloTheSeries Those under armor the Spartans wear really remind me of the armor humans wear in the Mass Effect games. #HaloTheSeries," a fan remarked. "#HaloTheSeries Season 1 Episode 3 Emergence Review: Now this what I'm excited for Introduced Cortana and Jen Taylor returning role I had cheer moment This so far I enjoyed more than previous one 9.5/10," one of the tweets said.









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