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Halloween movies: Top 10 scariest scenes that will keep you awake all night

We dare you to watch these spooky movie scenes without getting scared
UPDATED OCT 30, 2021
The head-turning scene in 'The Exorcist' (1973) is one of the scariest movie scenes (The Exorcist screenshot YouTube)
The head-turning scene in 'The Exorcist' (1973) is one of the scariest movie scenes (The Exorcist screenshot YouTube)

The scariest night of the year is right around the corner and we are positively thrilled. Halloween is almost upon us! As spirits and all things evil descend upon the earth for one night we can't help but enjoy the spooky thrill of the festival to the fullest.

So people, decorate your houses and light those jack-o-lanterns to ward off any lingering entities! If you're not going trick-or-treating, you like us will be tucking into some frightening horror movies in our Halloween costumes. If you're in need of suggestions, then here's a list of the Top 10 horror movie endings that are a treat to watch or read on to know some of the most iconic and spine-chilling movie scenes of all time.


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Top 10 scariest scenes in movie history

1. Movie: The Exorcist (1973)

The scene: Possessed Regan's spinning head

The scene starts as Regan's mother on hearing loud sounds from above enters her daughter's room. What follows is one of the most violent and terrifying scenes in movie history as we see a possessed Regan perform unspeakable acts with a crucifix. Her mother tries to get her to stop only to be attacked and kicked back. In a horrifying scene, Regan turns her head a whole 180 degrees to face her terrified mother. The act single-handedly managed to freak out the audience as she looked on with a creepy smile

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2. Movie: Psycho (1960)

The scene: The shower kill

Alfred Hitchcock's direction of this scene makes it noteworthy. Marion Crane's death is iconic even though it doesn't showcase any blood or stab wounds. What makes this scene so good is the intense build-up before the murder as we are shown the shadow of Norman Bates behind the curtain. The incredible soundscore paired with the quick-cut thrusts showcases the pure brutality of the kill.

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3. Movie: Hereditary (2018)

The scene: Head dismembered by pole

Charlie who is having an allergic reaction in the back of the car sticks her head out the window for air. What followed left audiences speechless and frozen in shock just like her brother Peter as we see her head connect with a telegraph pole to be immediately cut off. As her brother remains immobile after what he witnessed we too are left unable to believe the event that transpired.

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4. Movie: Rosemary's Baby (1968)

The scene: Rosemary sees her baby

After Rosemary's demonic impregnation, followed the birth of the devil's child. As Rosemary wakes up after delivering we see her in an empty apartment. Knife in hand she goes to the room filled with her neighbors and husband to have a look at her child. In a first viewing of the baby, we see her eyes go wide as she realizes what happened. The child is never shown but the dramatic music paired with her asking “What have you done to him? What have you done to his eyes?!” conveys it all as she processes the tragedy.

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5. Movie: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The scene: Leatherface’s introduction 

As Kirk hoping to find gas enters a nearby house, he hears the squeal of pigs which brings to his attention all kinds of skulls hanging from the walls. Like an idiot, he goes in further only to be met by one of the greatest horror villains to exist. The spine-chilling Leatherface delivers a sickening thud with his hammer after which we see a long shot where Leatherface drags him to the side, before menacingly slamming the door shut. This traumatizing scene set the tone for one of the scariest films of all time.

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6. Movie:  Alien (1979)

The scene: Chest bursts open

The movie may be old but this one scene remains fresh in the audience's memories. After the creature latches onto Kane’s face, it eventually disappears with everything seemingly normal again. But not for long as during the crew’s final meal before re-entering stasis, Kane who is laughing and joking begins coughing badly. This causes him to collapse onto the table as his chest starts heaving. In a traumatizing moment, the alien then bursts through his chest, killing him and spraying blood everywhere, before escaping to the depths of the ship. Extremely gory, the scene has scarred many watchers.

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7. Movie: The Shining

The scene: Here’s Johnny

The adaptation of the classic Stephen King story remains brilliant. Jack Torrence hunts his family in the hotel and takes an ax to the door before poking his positively terrifying face through the hole and exclaiming “Here’s Johnny!”. Jack Nicholson is phenomenal with him being his most terrifying in the scene. It is such a scary film moment, that it was actually revealed to be the most terrifying moment of all time through a scientific study where heart rate monitors were used on audience members. The “Here’s Johnny!” moment made pulses jump by a mind-blowing 28.21% beats per minute during the tests. 

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8.  Movie: Misery (1990)

The scene: Annie breaks Paul’s legs

Kathy Bates in a chilling performance as Annie Wilkes – a psychotic fan who holds an author captive, delivers one of the most frightening scenes to exist. Her level of crazy is shown when she hurts the author’s legs to stop him from escaping her “care.” Already strapped to the bed, she places a board between his ankles and smashes one of his ankles with a sledgehammer. This moment will leave you recoiling in terror as you see just how psychotic she is. But it's not over as she then slowly walks over to the other side and repeats the atrocity with a deadpan look. The lack of emotion while carrying out the act will leave you stunned.

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9. Movie: Scream (1996)

The scene: 'Do you like scary movies?’

Drew Barrymore’s character is alone in her house, making popcorn when she receives a call from a strange man who asks her if she likes scary movies. The horror movie lover casually starts listing her favorites as the scene quickly introduces the danger she's in. The chilling question leads to a sequence that quickly delves into a death scene that is memorably gruesome even to this day.

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10. Movie: Saw II (2005)

The scene: The pit of needles

One of Jigsaw’s victims has two minutes to dig through a pile of syringes in order to retrieve a key. Things get even worse as the intended victim bypasses the trap by pushing another one of Jigsaw’s captives into the needle pit. She’s forced to play along and search for the key in one of the most mostly painful scenes of all time that will give you goosebumps even though no blood is involved.

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