'Shark Tank': Hairy Grabster's pitch for collecting hair from shower leaves fans 'grossed' and 'disgusted'

"Who puts their hair on the shower wall? #gross", commented a fan after watching Hairy Grabster pitch on 'Shark Tank'

                            'Shark Tank': Hairy Grabster's pitch for collecting hair from shower leaves fans 'grossed' and 'disgusted'
Patty and Andy Watne pitching Hairy Grabster on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)

There is no dearth of crazy inventions and products being pitched on ABC's award-winning show 'Shark Tank'. Although most entrepreneurs enter the tank with a product or service they believe will revolutionize our world or life, unfortunately not all of them manage to withstand the scrutiny of not only Sharks but also the fans. 

Hair in the shower is an age-old problem for many people, so a husband and wife duo- Patty and Andy Watne decided to address it by creating a product they believed will keep the shower walls clean and hair-free-  Hairy Grabster. Hairy Grabster is a small plastic pad that can be attached to the bathroom wall, and the user can simply swipe their fallen hair stuck to the hands onto the product, thus preventing the shower walls from getting dirty with deposits of hair. 


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The Hairy Grabster pad that claims to keep the shower walls clean (Shark Tank/ ABC)


For their pitch, Patty and Andy demonstrated the product by swiping some loose hair onto the pad. They also made a prop wall with the word 'gross' written on it with hair from the shower. Not only the Sharks but also fans were left feeling grossed out and disgusted on seeing the pitch and the product.

Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner questioned the very need for the product, by pointing out how they didn't think that hair on shower walls was such a big issue. While Kevin O'Leary who has already invested in a similar product that collects hair off the bathroom floor and prevents the blocking of drains decided to sit out of the deal as it would be a conflict of interest. But before making that decision he criticized the product heavily and declared that it should never be available in the market. 


Fans were grossed out by Hairy Grabster's pitch on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)



Mark Cuban and Daymond John felt that the company and product were in too early stage so they too sat out of the deal. So, Patty and Andy left the tank with no deal. Fans however felt that it was the right decision on the part of Sharks, as they too didn't see the need for Hairy Grabster in the market. A fan tweeted, "Hmm I don’t thinking I’ve ever had this problem in the shower. Anyone else ?#SharkTank." Another fan seconded with, "My hair falls out in shower but not to the point where I need some product to remove #Hairygrabster #SharkTank"








Patty and Andy Watne left 'Shark Tank' without a deal (ABC)


Fans found the whole concept of Hairy Grabster 'stupid'. A fan commented, "That was stupid. Hair on the shower wall isn’t a problem #SharkTank." "The Hairy Grabster?! This is so stupid. #SharkTank," echoed a fan.







The Sharks had a hard time understanding the need for Hairy Grabster in the market (Shark Tank/ ABC)


Fans also pointed out how Hairy Grabster would actually make bathrooms look even more "gross" with hair displayed on shower walls. A fan expressed, "The hairy grabster will make showers so much grosser than they already are, no one will ever clean that thing #sharktank." "The Hairy Grabster is DISGUSTING! #SharkTank," declared a fan. While another fan wondered, "Who puts their hair on the shower wall? #gross #SharkTank."








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