Who is Haider Sher-Ali? Fake DHS agent uploaded photos with Seth Meyers, Bradley Cooper

Who is Haider Sher-Ali? Fake DHS agent uploaded photos with Seth Meyers, Bradley Cooper
Homeland Security Investigations officers (John Moore/Getty Images) with an insert of Haider Shah-Ali (Haider Shah-Ali/Instagram)

The scandal surrounding two fake Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agents has continued to grow, following their arrest on April 6, 2022. One of the two men arrested, Haider Sher-Ali reportedly has links to Pakistani intelligence, and a now-uncovered Instagram profile shows photos with Bradley Cooper and Seth Meyers. The authenticity of those photos is now being questioned, indicating the extreme measures Sher-Ali went to.

Sher-Ali, along with Arian Taherzadeh was detained for posing at DHS agents and attempting to cozy up to Secret Service agents and other government employees. The duo bribed agents with rent-free penthouses, high-end electronics, and policing equipment, working their way as high up as an agent serving on First Lady Jill Biden's security detail. As a result, three Secret Services agents have so far been placed on administrative leave


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With the investigation into Sher-Ali and Taherzadeh now deepening, more news of their efforts has come to light. It is unclear as of now what their final goal was, but social media photos indicate the duo had an extremely well-thought-out plan.

Passports for Haider Shah-Ali (Katelyn Carelle/Twitter)

Who is Haider Sher-Ali?

The 35-year-old is believed to be a Pakistani national, but it is unclear at this point since agents recovered multiple passports and visas from his apartment in Washington DC. During his arraignment, it was also revealed that Sher-Ali might have connections to Pakistan's intelligence service the ISI. This was however not confirmed. The Daily Mail did uncover social media accounts in his name and even managed to access his Instagram account, which is set to private.

That particular account is now causing some controversy. While many photos have reportedly since been deleted, a few that remain up include photos of Sher-Ali with comedian Seth Meyers and actor Bradley Cooper. The four images were reportedly posed on February 14, 2022, which the Mail claimed could be photoshopped. Three images were uploaded with Cooper, of which two featured that actor in the same jacket and shirt. Despite being posted on the same day, all four images appear to have different location tags - one at Dulles airport, another at Cafe Milano near Georgetown University, and the other two are simply marked as "Washington DC". 

"Considering the allegations against Ali, it is very probable that the images are photoshopped, although it's not immediately clear whether any of the images were altered. It does appear they all have some sort of Instagram filter on them," The Mail wrote. Agents for Cooper and Meyers have not responded to requests for comment, which may help clear up the authenticity of the images. 

At his residence, police uncovered passports with visas for Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, and Qatar. based on that evidence, it is believed he traveled to Iran at least four times, with stamps from Mashhad International Airport in Mashhad visible. It's unclear what other images Ali uploaded, and little else is known about him. More information is expected to come in the following days as his case is heard in court. 

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