Gypsy Blanchard's family working on new show 'By Proxy' after disapproving of Hulu's 'The Act'

Gypsy Blanchard's family working on new show 'By Proxy' after disapproving of Hulu's 'The Act'

Joey King and Patricia Arquette’s ‘The Act’ received attention from critics and fans for the portrayal of the life of the real-life mother and daughter Dee Dee and Gypsy Blanchard. While the show has received a positive response, especially for Joey King’s performance on the show, the family of Gypsy Blanchard is unhappy with the way writer Michelle Dean has dealt with them. Gypsy, herself, is not happy with ‘The Act’. The family is now working on a show titled ‘By Proxy’. Fancy Macelli, a family friend who also serves as a public spokesperson for the Blanchards is working on the story. 


The news about ‘By Proxy’ and Blanchard family’s disapproval of ‘The Act’ and one of its creators Michelle Dean arose after the fourth episode of the show was aired on April 10. The family, especially Gypsy’s stepmother Kristy Blanchard has been vocal about her disapproval of the Hulu show. The portrayal of Gypsy’s friend Aleah Woodmansee as Lacey, played by AnnaSophia Robb has upset Gypsy and her family. Speaking of this discrepancy to Vulture, Kristy had said, "Aleah [Woodmansee], which is [Gypsy’s friend and neighbor] Lacey in [The Act], they have got her all wrong. She is the total opposite of that. It hurts Aleah because she lives in Springfield, and people are going to look at her differently and she’s scared that it affects her job and reputation," and added specifically about the scene where Lacey, Gypsy and her friends are hanging out, "Yeah, and handing the joint or whatever it was to Gypsy. That really shook Aleah up, and I don’t blame her."


Macelli, who is working on the TV project about Gypsy's story, tells E!  " (It was) very inaccurate. It's very sensationalized, it departs in ways that I would never think that they would've needed to depart. As a writer, it's almost unethical in the way that they have gone forward with it. It's totally different. It can't even really be called based on true's so far from it and I don't know why it takes such liberties it doesn't make sense."

Now, the official Facebook page of ‘By Proxy’ is flooded with requests and questions from fans, especially for Kristy, who is running the page along with others who are creating the show.  One fan wrote, “Me & my daughter just watched mommy dead & dearest & we've been watching the act yes there are some discrepancies & changes but it mostly seems like they're kept pretty close to the same storyline. But if course there's going to be changes bc one was a crime documentary & the other is a based on true events show we enjoyed both. What a horrible thing for Gypsy to have to endure & a tragic ending for all (sic).”


A fan's response on 'By Proxy' official page

Another fan reacted to Kristy’s comments about the inaccuracies of the show and said, “Deedee did not let her in most of her life? How does the stepmom know? Sounds like someone looking for a paycheck …”

This comment was made in response to Kristy's accusations about the discrepancies on the show.

Some even suggested that not all was right when they began to doubt how Fancy even knew what was the truth. In answer to all questions about her credibility. Fancy wrote, “This Is Fancy. How do I seem odd to you? I'm open and honest and do everything I can to get the truth out. Have done extensive research I, spoke with Gypsy, her family, DDs family, the Godejohn family, looked at countless medical records, reviewed the find file from the police, interviewed friends from DDs childhood and from Springfield. Do I know exactly what happened in that house I have seen I can easily put together the most truthful story anyone has.”


Franchesca also responded to allegations that 'By Proxy' writer might not have it all together.

Many have also supported team ‘By Proxy’. Rose Lindley posted, “I'm deeply sorry this is going on. Gypsy is a really sweet and wonderful girl and I wish and wish her all the best! Along with her supportive and loving family.”

Amanda Mayes also posted, “Gypsy is very much loved by many people! I hope she can get out early, I will sign the petition to help her get out. I'm with full support of this page, I hope she's doing okay and that she is loving herself to the max of love. She's a very very deserving person.”

‘The Act’ final episode will air on April 17 on Hulu, which will see Joey King as Gypsy go through with the plan to murder her mother Dee Dee.

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