Coronavirus: Gwyneth Paltrow slammed for 'tone-deaf' post flaunting $400 designer shoes, skirt amid pandemic

Coronavirus: Gwyneth Paltrow slammed for 'tone-deaf' post flaunting $400 designer shoes, skirt amid pandemic
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Gwyneth Paltrow’s brainchild Goop has yet again irked people for sharing an ‘“inappropriate” fashion-related post amid the growing coronavirus pandemic.

The post which was shared on Friday on Goop’s Instagram has been now deleted, as reported by Page Six. The ‘Proof’ actress was seen clad in a white shirt, tan skirt and white sneakers, as she posed before the mirror for a selfie. The caption read, “Most days you’ll find GP wearing G.Label with a pair of sneakers—which is one reason we make it an annual tradition to put together a fresh sneaker guide each year. Get ready to cover some serious ground (run, don’t walk)”

On witnessing the display of an expensive fashion ensemble during the outbreak of a pandemic, users went on to bash Gwyneth for trying to promote her brand at an inappropriate time. Meanwhile, Gwyneth’s outfit comprised a G. Label ‘Alexander’ skirt worth $450 and “Alexandre” Berman's "Clarita" sneakers which are available for $425 on the website. 

While one enraged follower wrote, "We’re in the middle of a world-wide pandemic, y’all really think anyone’s gonna buy an ugly a–s $450 skirt?”

“I think it’s irresponsible to post this as a world-wide pandemic is going on. You have a great platform around health. Now would be the time to expand on it,” expressed another follower of hers. 

The majority of her followers noted that the post was highly “insensitive” which could have been avoided in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. 

“Come on goop, when you said GP, I thought at first you were referring to Dr. Please use your platform in a more sensitive way … I really don’t think it’s the time to think about buying trainers when people are struggling to buy day to day supplies. We don’t want doom and gloom, but maybe a post on boosting your immune system, staying healthy etc…” wrote another Instagram user. 


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