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Gwen Shamblin Lara's last sermon was about being 'born again' and immortality

Gwen Shamblin had a YouTube channel and in one of the videos put up before she died in a plane crash with husband Joe Lara, she speaks about immortality
Gwen Shamblin with Joe Lara, the diet guru is seen giving a sermon in a YouTube video (gwenshamblinlara/Instagram/ YouTube)
Gwen Shamblin with Joe Lara, the diet guru is seen giving a sermon in a YouTube video (gwenshamblinlara/Instagram/ YouTube)

In the final sermon uploaded on her YouTube page, just days before Gwen Shamblin Lara and her husband Joe Lara were killed in a tragic plane crash in Tennessee on Saturday, May 29, the Christian diet guru talked about being "born again and becoming immortal".

Shamblin and Lara were among seven passengers who died in a private plane crash in a Tennessee lake. The seven deceased were all leaders of Shamblin and Lara's Brentwood-based Remnant Fellowship Church that was born out of her faith-based diet program started in the '80s, the Weigh Down Workshop. The jet reportedly plunged almost 3,000 feet in just seconds as it went down in Smyrna on May 29. 


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'It is my prayer for you to be born again'


Shamblin ran a YouTube channel where her bio reads: "Best-selling author of 'The Weigh Down Diet,' Founder of Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship Church." She mostly uploaded motivational, uplifting, and diet-related content.

The last videos uploaded before her death were part 1 and part 2 of clips titled 'Born Again'. In the video, she said, "As risky and as tedious as the process, being born again where many things could go wrong, note you are conceived in love. And love and fear is what grows you. Love and fear is what guides you, grows you. It guides you through the birth canal and finally, it is love and it is fear that births you (sic). You're born again to live forever. To see mortal humans being transformed into a full-grown unworldly man whose spirit life through obedience is mixed with gods (sic)."

Her sermon concluded with, "It is my prayer for you to be born again, to stop sinning so that you are born of God and remnant nation. It is worth all you have and all your time and all you are." Worshippers were urged to pray for the "kingdom" and for the "will of God".

Remnant Fellowship Church


The Remnant Fellowship Church was founded by Shamblin in 1999 and has been embroiled in controversies, some even leading to the church getting investigated for a child's death. In a statement, the church said: "Gwen Shamblin Lara was one of the world’s most kind, gentle, and selfless mother and wife, and a loyal, caring, supportive best friend to all. She lived every day laying down her own life to ensure that others could find a relationship with God. Because of that, her memory will definitely remain for a long time as she has a place in millions of people’s hearts around the world through her work with Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship Church."

We previously reported that air traffic control (ATC) records have revealed what actually went on inside the aircraft carrying Shamblin and the others when the pilot responded to controllers that were directing him to turn. The sound of a possible alarm in the cockpit of the plane can be heard going off, local outlet NewsChannel 5 reported. Some pilots told the outlet the alarm sounded unusual and many even suggested that such sounds should be heard during take-off. The high impact crash left both the church founders, their four friends and their son-in-law Brandon Hannah dead.

What exactly caused the crash will be probed into in the coming days. Dive teams from Rutherford County Fire Rescue, Metro Nashville Office of Emergency Management, Metro Nashville Police Department and Wilson County Emergency Management Agency will aid the investigation.