Pregnant woman who was shot outside her house stayed on life support and delivered her son before dying

Lindzie Wilson was shot on March 1, but stayed on life support through April 21, when doctors delivered her baby. Her mother says Lindzie held on for the sake of her son.

                            Pregnant woman who was shot outside her house stayed on life support and delivered her son before dying
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25-year-old Lindzie Wilson, who was shot outside her Springfield home on March 1 stayed on life support till April 24 to give birth to her baby boy. The victim's mother LeighAnne Roberts has called the baby a "blessing" even as she mourns for her daughter, who also had two other young boys aged 8 and 5.  

The young mother, who was on life support through 21 April, when the doctors delivered her son Bailee, was taken off life support and succumbed to her injuries three days later on 24 April. Lindzie died just days ahead of her 26th birthday.  

The police reportedly said that Lindzie was 16 weeks pregnant when she was shot multiple times, including once in the head.  

According to People, LeighAnne proudly relates that her daughter “fought hard for Bailee. She held on for him. She held on as long as she possibly could.” The newborn was born prematurely at 23 weeks and is expected to be in the hospital until August. 

The new grandmother who will raise Bailee also said, “He’s [Bailee] doing as good as he can." LeighAnne is yet to hold the baby, and is waiting for 15 August, Lindzie’s due date, when Bailee is expected to be discharged.  

“He’s definitely a blessing,” she says. “I’m sure [Lindzie’s] up there watching this and is happy about how things went.” 

The doctors have reportedly called Bailee's birth a “miracle,” especially since one of the bullets that hit Lindzie went through her shoulder and traveled diagonally to her opposite hip, very narrowly missing the newborn. “I would have loved for the miracle for [Lindzie] to survive it,” LeighAnne says, adding “But there was no hope from day one.” 

After 54 days on life support, there really was no probability of Lindzie surviving her injuries and the decision of taking her off life support was really no choice at all, she says.