'Grey's Anatomy' Season 18: Fans enjoy walk down memory lane with 'Throwback Thursday' as ABC renews show

Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr have all inked new deals for Season 18

                            'Grey's Anatomy' Season 18: Fans enjoy walk down memory lane with 'Throwback Thursday' as ABC renews show
Patrick Dempsey and Meredith Grey star in 'Grey's Anatomy' (ABC)

'Grey's Anatomy' fans were in for a walk down memory lane with a special 'Throwback Thursday', with two fan-favorite episodes, Season 2, Episode 16 'It's the End of the World' and Season 2, Episode 17 'As We Know It', back to back. But while looking back is always fun, it's looking forward to more storylines with their favorite characters that get fans excited. Fans of 'Grey's Anatomy' fortunately have a lot more of those to look forward to, with 'Grey's Anatomy' now renewed for a new season.

Season 17 was one of the most emotional seasons yet, not just for fans but also for the show creators, who were unclear themselves if the show would be coming to an end with Season 17. But for fans of 'Grey's Anatomy' fortunately, there is now plenty more medical drama to look forward to at Grey Sloan Memorial, with the show now renewed for another season. Krista Vernoff the showrunner of 'Grey's Anatomy' in a statement said, "The writers, directors, casts and crews of Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 worked so hard to bring these shows to life this past season. Keeping each other safe on set while paying tribute to the front-line heroes and first responders has been a challenge and a privilege. I’ve been truly blown away — particularly by our tireless crews — as they reinvented the TV-making wheel. Thank you to ABC and ABC Signature for the support and extraordinary partnership through this unprecedented season. We are so grateful for the opportunity to tell more stories.” Also returning for its fifth season is 'Grey’s Anatomy' spin-off, 'Station 19', which will be back for its fifth season.


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Ellen Pompeo stars in 'Grey's Anatomy' which will be back for a new season (ABC)


Ellen Pompeo who plays Dr  Meredith Grey, Chandra Wilson who plays Dr Miranda Bailey and James Pickens Jr. who plays Dr Richard Webber, have all reportedly signed new deals to return in Season 18. Jesse Williams who plays Jackson Avery will not be returning for the next season, as we found out on the last episode of 'Grey's Anatomy'. Fans may be waiting eagerly to find out what happily ever after looks like for Jackson and April, who decided to put the emotional baggage of the last several years behind them and start life afresh in Boston, but at least for the moment were happy to just relive some memories instead. 

The throwback episodes centered around classic Merder drama which features the whole original cast where Bailey goes into labor, Meredith is, as usual, pining for Derek Shepherd, and oh yes, there's a bomb in the hospital. 'Grey's Anatomy' at its most classic. 

Fans were thrilled to be treated to some old school 'Grey's Anatomy'. One fan tweeted, "I can't remember our last kiss" S2 Meredith and Derek were superior #GreysAnatomy "



Old school 'Grey's Anatomy' was also giving fans ideas for the new season. One fan tweeted, "We need old Greys Anatomy feels again. We need new residents in the new season #sorry not sorry."




To get back upto speed on 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 17, you can catch Jackson's final episode on the show on May 20 at 9 pm on ABC. Catch the trailer below. 



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