'Grey's Anatomy' Season 17 Episode 11: Will Amelia reject Link's proposal? Fans say 'she's not gonna have it'

Fans feel that Link is proposing out of frustration

                             'Grey's Anatomy' Season 17 Episode 11: Will Amelia reject Link's proposal? Fans say 'she's not gonna have it'
Chris Carmack and Caterina Scorsone star in 'Grey's Anatomy' as Link and Amelia ([email protected])

Amelink, the nickname 'Grey's Anatomy' fans have for Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Link (Chris Carmack) have been considered end game by 'Grey's' fans for a while now. Their natures seem to complement each other perfectly, they seem to have a great friendship along with their romance and they've already shown that they can raise four children together, while not losing the plot completely. The natural next step just seemed to be a case of when not if, regarding tying the knot. 

While they seem to be halfway there with the latest trailer showing Link proposing to Amelia, fans are getting the feeling this isn't a happily ever after scenario. Here's why fans feel that the answer to Link's proposal could be a resounding no.


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Some fans believe that the proposal is coming not from a place of romance but from pressure. One fan on YouTube said, "Is it only me that realized that link looks so frustrated when he asks Amelia to marry him like what if he gives her an ultimatum and I swear to god I better not be right bc if I am that would mean that shonda yet again found a way to break up a couple who just had a baby that haven’t been together longer then 2 yrs."

Others also agreed that there was something about the proposal which didn't seem quite right. In light of Link's recent increased dependence on alcohol, a fan said, "Link is becoming an alcoholic. Amelia can see what's happening. Link proposes to her drunk and she's not gonna have it."

Others feel that it's not a question that needs an immediate answer. One fan said, "Yea rewatching the trailer Idt link is necessarily proposing to her but asking if she wants to like is that in there future. I just bloody hope they keep them together they are so wholesome and have actually had a really decent arc with there relationship." Others however are keeping their hopes up saying, "WE’RE GONNA GET A MAGSTON AND AN AMELINK WEDDING I REALLY WON #GreysAnatomy "

Even if the proposal isn't successful though, how it was done certainly was a success in the fans' eyes. One fan on Twitter said, "I’m interested to see Amelia and Link talk about the possibility of getting married at some point. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate shirtless Link? Hot! #GreysAnatomy 



To find out what is Amelia's answer to Link's shirtless proposal, you can tune into the latest episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' on Thursday at 9|8c on ABC.

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