'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 Episode 3 preview: Jackson Avery might make his 'Station 19' romance official

Jackson Avery broke up with Maggie Pierce and switched to Vic Hughes almost immediately and fans feel he is the worst boyfriend

                            'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 Episode 3 preview: Jackson Avery might make his 'Station 19' romance official

Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) has had quite a lot of ups and downs when it comes to handling his relationships on 'Grey's Anatomy.' In Season 16, he broke up with Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) and switched to another 'Station 19' romance with Vic Hughes (Barrett Doss) almost immediately. After the second episode, it seems like Jackson and Vic's relationship will come to the fore as he is in no mood to take things slow after his breakup.

It is obvious for Maggie to be hurt by his behavior, but fans are extremely disappointed by Jackson's inability to commit to one person and want him out of the show. "F**k Jackson Avery, he’s the worst. #GreysAnatomy", one tweet read. "Can Jackson finally leave??!! He's annoying now. #GreysAnatomy," one fan wrote, and another one posted, "I see Jackson is basically acting like himself these days...  #GreysAnatomy."

Vic Hughes on 'Grey's Anatomy'. (ABC)

One even went on to say, "Jackson Avery is an A**hole! #teamMaggiePierce," and another one said, "Jackson is a choosy hoe #GreysAnatomy." Some fans are unable to comprehend why the pair decided to call it quits all of a sudden. Sharing a snippet from a scene, one fan wrote, "Jackson and Maggie had a very deep relationship and this scene is only one example. How do we arrive at this point?! Can someone explain to me?! I don’t understand this showrunner’s choice because has no choice!"

But others are happy that the couple finally pulled the plug on their relationship. "I love Grey’s Anatomy. And what I love most about the show right now is that Maggie and Jackson broke up. I hated them together", and another post read, "I really don’t give a shit about Jackson and Maggie. #GreysAnatomy."

Jackson Avery and Maggie Pierce in a still from 'Grey's Anatomy'. (ABC)

"Jackson is always tryna be petty and Maggie is always calling checkmate on his ass. #GreysAnatomy," one tweet read and another one said, "Jackson and Owen are the worst men on #GreysAnatomy. I said what I said and I meant what I said." One fan simply blamed the writers for not writing a better storyline for Jackson. "I really hate what #GreysAnatomy has done to Jackson. He has become so unlikeable in the past few seasons."

Jackson's jackass attitude after breaking up with Maggie was already getting on fans' nerves but he took it to another level up with an insensitive post captioned "#Freedom" on Instagram. As the third episode rolls out on Thursday, October 10, on ABC, it is yet to be seen whether Jackson will actually make his relationship official with his new love interest Vic. Looking at how things are going, it seems likely that he will soon move to the next step. 


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