'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 Episode 21 Preview: Will Teddy marry Owen in 'Put on a Happy Face'?

Labeled as the season finale, owing to the coronavirus crisis, the episode also circles around Amelia giving birth to her baby after her water breaks

                            'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 Episode 21 Preview: Will Teddy marry Owen in 'Put on a Happy Face'?
Teddy Altman and Owen Hunt (ABC)

If you're one of those hard-core 'Grey's Anatomy' fans who is still watching the show, Teddy Altman's (Kim Raver) love triangle with Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and Tom Koracick (Greg Germann) will boggle your mind and make you chuckle.  

In a supremely confused state, she first doubted Owen and then went and slept with Tom... twice. When her suspicion about Owen turned out to be wrong, she justified her action by saying that "it was okay to love two people at the same time." Going by the last episode, Teddy seems to be in love with Tom and decides to bump up her marriage with Owen.

But, in a new promo, Teddy tells Tom, "I am marrying Owen." Tom then replies to her, "Don't throw your life like that."

And fans are pretty bummed about this. "Teddy is such a terrible person #GreysAnatomy," one posted while another said, "Teddy is such a hoe a** b***h. Get her off the show." One even went on to write, "If Teddy and Hunt still get married I’m gonna be really angry."

Another fan posted, "Teddy loving Owen after all this time is a sick obsession... But Jurassic’s insistence with Teddy after being together like two seconds and following her like a lost puppy even after she rejected him is romantic??"

Chris Carmack as Link (ABC)

Labeled as the season finale, owing to the coronavirus crisis, it also circles around Richard Webber's (James Pickens Jr) struggle with Alzheimer's and Catherine Fox (Debbie Allen) slams Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), saying, "You had weeks and have found nothing." 

Moreover, in a big shocking twist, Amelia Shepherd's (Caterina Scorsone) water breaks. Will she give birth to her baby in this episode? "Amelia is having a baby during Webber has an operation. Just like Bailey did back in Season 2," one fan wrote. Atticus Link Lincoln (Chris Carmack) may finally be a happy father and lend all his support to her. 

Andrew DeLuca's mania seems to be going on a whole new level and fans are concerned. "I am worried about DeLuca but can you listen to him at least... He can't be wrong, also in his overactive mind and manic he will be fixated on this and pick up details they haven't seen," one fan posted.

Giacomo Gianniotti as Andrew DeLuca (ABC)

Another wrote, "As much as I like DeLuca to solve this, I also fear that this could be his rock bottom coming in the sense he is wrong and he has to face that he isn't quite well and needs treatment. Giacomo is killing it this season. I do like MerLuca teaming up to find what's up with Webber."

The official synopsis of the show reads, "Link tries to convince Amelia to take it easy during the final stage of her pregnancy; Hayes asks Meredith a surprising question; Owen makes a shocking discovery."

Get set to watch the season finale of the ABC show on April 9, 2020, and remember one fan's warning: "This was not planned as the season finale, so just prepare yourself for a possibly brutal cliffhanger, because they won’t be wrapping anything up for us."

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