'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16: Catherine Fox, Maggie Pierce or Miranda Bailey, who was in the car that crashed into the bar?

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16: Catherine Fox, Maggie Pierce or Miranda Bailey, who was in the car that crashed into the bar?

ABC's longest-running medical drama gave fans six big shocks at the end of its fall finale. Titled 'Let’s All Go to the Bar', the hour-long drama did bring much to the table — right from a baby to a reunion and a tragedy! The biggest shock was the car that crashed straight into the bar where several major characters were present. Will Jackson, Richard, Ben, Captain Pruitt, Levi, Nico and the rest of the interns all make it out alive?

But more than that, fans are still reeling over the fact as to how a car could crash into a bar! "Wtffffff omg. How the hell does a car crash into the TOP of a building?" one viewer wrote, another said, "A car fell from the sky!! WTH??!!" and one even asked, "Was that a plane or a car?????"

Wondering who was driving, hard-core viewers have pointed out at several cast members who could have been in the car. There were several fans who thought it was Catherine Fox after her doubts about Richard Webber spiraled up and she had a few drinks. "Who's in the car? I'm thinking it might be Catherine Fox," one viewer opined and another wrote, "Wait... Could that be Catherine's car that drove right into the bar?"

"I think Catherine Fox was the one driving the car that crashed into that bar because she got behind the wheel drunk #GreysAnatomy," one tweet read. Another viewer contradicted that thought and said, "That’s not the car Catherine was in early in the episode and she doesn’t drive I think it was Maggie that crashed into the bar #GreysAnatomy."

Jackson Avery after the shocking car crash from the promo of 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 Episode 10. (ABC)

Many others called attention to Maggie Pierce after she gave her resignation. "Wait! Is Maggie in the car???" one tweet read. Another said, "Somebody pls tell me that wasn’t Maggie car." A few thought it was Miranda Bailey. "Just going to say I think Bailey is in the car that crashed," one wrote and another said, "I just hope that’s not Bailey or Maggie’s car." One fan posted, "I hope Catherine was not the one in the car accident or even Maggie."


However, many also wondered if DeLuca could have been driving. "... And that Deluca was in that car." Another tweet said, "Grey’s ain’t had a devastating death in a minute.... there’s somebody we love in that car. I’m guessing Catherine, Maggie, or Bailey."

Echoing the thoughts of viewers who wish to see Owen's role chopped off, one fan went on to pen down a request to Shonda Rhimes. "Dear @shondarhimes, If you could find a way to put Owen Hunt in the car that crashed and kill him... I wouldn't be mad at that."

No matter who is in the car, the bottom line is that viewers will have to wait until 2020 to find out. It is expected that after a short hiatus during the Christmas period, 'Grey's Anatomy' will return to the channel on January 23 with a major two-hour Station 19 crossover episode.


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