Is Greg Abbott vaxxed? Truth comes out amid Covid diagnosis after viral video of packed event

Internet furious after Texas Governor reveals he caught Covid but is in no danger, gets slammed for anti-mask policies

                            Is Greg Abbott vaxxed? Truth comes out amid Covid diagnosis after viral video of packed event
Texas Governor Greg Abbott announces the reopening of more Texas businesses at a press conference on May 18, 2020, in Austin, Texas (Lynda M Gonzalez-Pool/Getty Images)

Karma came back to hit Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who was confirmed to have tested positive for Covid-19 on August 17. His office put out a statement that confirmed Abbott's diagnosis and said he would be isolating till he tested negative. The statement also made a couple of damning revelations about Abbott's healthcare that sent social media into a furious meltdown. Amongst other things, it also revealed his vaccination status.

Abbott is currently involved in a bitter battle against mask mandates, with the Supreme Court siding with him temporarily on August 15. Just last month, he's was involved in a bitter battle with Democrats over Texas' new voting laws. After the lawmakers fled the state, Abbott made it clear he would have them arrested to ensure the bill passed the state assembly. Right now though, all eyes are on his plan to battle Covid-19, which so far doesn't seem to be going that great.


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Texas, like many other states, is facing a huge surge in cases, as Abbott continues to deny mask mandates, and encourage vaccination. The surge isn't new, Texas has been seeing a rise in cases since June, leading many to slam Abbott as a "coward" for putting his personal politics ahead of the state. Despite warnings, Abbott has refused to initiate a state-wide mask mandate, which now appears to have come back to haunt him.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott speaks during a border security briefing at the Texas State Capitol on July 10 in Austin, Texas. (Tamir Kalifa/Getty Images) 

Was Abbott vaxxed?

Like many Republicans, Abbott has been shy to reveal his vaccination status, until now. On August 17, the Governor's office confirmed Abbott had received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, indicating the positive result is not likely to be dangerous. "Governor Abbott is fully vaccinated against Covid-19, in good health, and currently experiencing no symptoms," the statement read. If that wasn't controversial enough, the statement also said, "Governor Abbott is receiving Regeneron's monoclonal antibody treatment." That treatment is usually reserved for those with serious illness, which Abbott does not have. 

To add to Abbott's woes, he was seen at a Republican Club fundraiser at the Heritage Ranch near Dallas just the day before. His presence was confirmed by his own campaign account, which tweeted out a video of the event. Abbott was seen maskless, in the crowded room interacting with a large number of people, all of whom appeared to be without masks. It didn't take long for that video to go viral as well, as many users slammed Abbott for throwing all caution to the wind. 


The internet was quick to pounce on Abbott, slamming him from going around maskless, and then taking advantage of highly restricted treatment. NBC News also reported that Abbott has been telling people he received a third booster shot. The FDA has not authorized the booster jab for the wider public just yet, only those with compromised immune systems are eligible at the moment. Together, all the facts infuriated social media, with users slamming Abbott. 

'He doesn't care about you'

One person tweeted, "Karma comes wearing Louboutins for Greg Abbott. Even the breakthrough Delta got past his supreme evilness. You fight mask mandates, you get #covid." Mehdi Hasan said, "Texas Governor Greg Abbott has Covid. Like Trump, Abbott will have access to the best healthcare, the best doctors, the best treatments, should he get symptoms. The kids who he refuses to protect from Covid in his state's schools? Not so much."




"Greg Abbott tested positive for COVID, & unlike the hundreds of Texans who’ve died & will continue die to as a result of his actions, he’ll have access to a private healthcare team & live as TX reaches 100% ICU capacity. This is a reason why politicians no longer care about COVID," one person said. Another commented, "Every American should have access to the same healthcare Gov. Greg Abbott receives." One user tweeted, "Because of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, the CDC has now confirmed that COVID can go from bat to human, and back to bat."





One user tweeted, "Greg Abbott got vaccinated to protect HIMSELF, not you. Vaccinated Greg Abbott went to a maskless indoor event last night because he thought HE was protected, not you. Contagious Greg Abbott is currently asymptomatic, which will protect HIM, not you. He doesn't care about you." Another person trolled, "Greg Abbott got a virus that doesn’t exist!? Weird."




Abbott will have access to high-quality healthcare, and being fully vaccinated, is at very low risk of severe disease, but the same cannot be said for Texas. As of August 16, the state recorded 13,673 cases with a weekly average of 14,764. While deaths have dropped slightly, the 7-day average skyrocketed to 139 according to the latest data. As Abbott continues to deny mask mandates, those numbers could jump up much higher, with only 45% of the state fully vaccinated.