'Greenleaf' Season 5 Episode 6 Preview: Will the Bishop and Lady Mae's reunion come to a crashing end?

'Greenleaf' Season 5 Episode 6 Preview: Will the Bishop and Lady Mae's reunion come to a crashing end?

We have seen Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield) try and toil to keep the house with them. From trying to pacify Kerissa (Kim Hawthorne) to taking it up on herself to speak with Tara James about her father's will — Lady Mae's anti-heroine status has been constantly evolving to highlight the nurturing mother she is. But on the brink of reuniting with her former husband for the Cavalry, looks like the coming episode might further strain that relationship.

According to OWN, Season 5 Episode 6 'The Sixth Day' will see "The Bishop reel from the return of an old enemy, pushing Lady Mae to unveil a family secret; Charity makes Phil face his past, while Grace and Darius learn the shocking truth about Bob Whitmore and Edenvale Lending." Yes, the neverending melodrama of Phil (Sean Blakemore) and Charity (Deborah Joy Winans) is getting dragged out too much, but it also gives us a chance to watch the two sisters — Charity and Grace (Merle Dandridge) unite to take the Whitmores down.

On the other hand, when it comes to the other relationship, we know Lady Mae's secrets can never mean anything good for her and the Bishop (Keith David). Last week, Lady Mae was forced to come face to face with a dilemma that would again make the Bishop question her motives. She's too ready and willing to give up the house to James for their church for the underprivileged. But on the other hand, the fact that Rochelle is back also left Lady Mae and the Bishop offer expressions so dead, there's only worry to come from that end. The "return of an old enemy" in the synopsis must refer to this particular comeback of one of the biggest antagonists on the show. But it is the family secret Lady Mae might be propelled to expose that has us worried. 

Lady Mae and the Bishop had agreed to remarry just to find their own new church after external forces plague their position in the First Cavalry. We know of Lady Mae's past and her affairs and the children out of it. But so does the Bishop, and he has even forgiven Lady Mae for the same. While Lady Mae's big family secret could be anything from Grace to Aaron, the set up of revealing it most likely sounds like a step she would take informing the Bishop.

But if it is something completely new and devastating that neither viewers nor the Bishop know about then it will be classic OWN drama trying to go out with a shattering finale. Regardless, it is this secret that will determine the future of the former couple's relationship, and how they dodge Rochelle's bullets — come what may.

'Greenleaf' Season 5 airs on Tuesdays, at 9 pm on OWN.

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