Green Day album 'Father of All...' skewered online, fans call it the band's worst possible release yet

Green Day's new album 'Father of All...' leaves fans disappointed and bored, some driven to anger declared it the worst project the band has ever released

                            Green Day album 'Father of All...' skewered online, fans call it the band's worst possible release yet
Billie Joe Armstrong (Getty Images)

Green Day's new studio album 'Father of All Motherf***ers' which has a censored title 'Father of All...', was released on February 7 and fans are not happy, to put it lightly.

The new album follows after 'Revolution Radio' released in 2016 and many had high expectations from the new LP from the punk rock band and were hoping it would resonate on the same political levels as the 2004 LP 'American Idiot'

Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong revealed that the album would be about dancing and not have any particular political leanings, especially in reference to President Trump, according to Loudwire

Many followers, including fans who claim Green Day is their favorite band, were angered by the new record with some confessing that 'Father of All...' is the band's worst album to date. On Twitter, a fan says, "What have you become? Absolute sell-outs" while another shared, "Yeah, this is how I reacted when I listened to your album. I thought you guys couldn’t release a worse album than your trilogy but you guys did it. Good job, you finally turned into a worse version of Panic! At The Disco". A fan wanted to opt out of the upcoming tour by the band, saying, "Hi, is there a chance of canceling the Hong Kong show because of the coronavirus outbreak?"

The Youtube reviews have been harsh, commenting on how the band released a Metallica 'St. Anger' LP describing how Green Day's new album has had too much of a genre-change or style change.

It seemed like fans were trying to convince themselves that the new LP is good or at least okay, which is never a good response from a fan, let alone an average listener, considering that rock artists especially would want listeners to be pumped at hearing their new music. The comments say, "Need a few more listens to this album. Not sold on it yet", "Only 2 songs on this album that go into my ears" and someone who responded to some comments with "Can’t expect every song to be great. If you hope for every song to sound great then it won’t turn out that way. Turn the expectations off and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it a bit more." 

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