Gotham's Penguin and Riddler talk about what the duo want to do in the upcoming season

Gotham's Season 4 finale aired on Thursday, May 17 and for all the fans looking for answers about the next season, two cast members decided to spill the beans.

                            Gotham's Penguin and Riddler talk about what the duo want to do in the upcoming season
Cory Michael Smith(L) and Robin Lord Taylor (Source: Getty Images)

Gotham fans looking for some closure after season 4 finale can finally rest easy as Robin Lord Taylor and Cory Michael Smith - Penguin and Riddler respectively - are all set to return as villains for one final season in Batman's original story.

But their wish for the final 13 episodes is surely something fans would love and cherish. "I require a lot of Penguin and Riddler time in season five," Smith shared with E! News at Fox's 2018 Upfronts. "It's required."

And of course, Taylor chimed in, saying: "Yes! Same."

Well, the two bat-foes asking for some time together shouldn't be too difficult to manage. Gotham had surprised everyone earlier by presenting the duo as romantically entwined. What we now know is that Penguin is in love with Riddler, though the latter does not reciprocate as much. The whole relationship is Gotham's invention as in the comic book the character is straight and a change from that as we all know did not sit with the fanboys. The relationship has its issues, yes, but it’s never presented as a “gay relationship” and that's what has endeared fans to it.

The fourth season of the Fox series which revolves around characters from DC Comics' dark and enticing world, came to an end on Thursday, May 17. What was even more special was the episode title "No Man's Land." Now, it's something very familiar for the comic book fanatics but for those wondering what's going to happen, or those who haven't caught up with the season finale yet, /the villainous duo had some answers too.

"What isn't going to happen," Taylor said. "I think I can say: Apocalypse. Which is hard to imagine because this show is pretty much apocalypse since day one, but yeah, just more."

As for Smith's perspective, he said: "Yeah, volume up on the apocalypse. Everyone kind of gets destroyed in their own way in this last season. Everyone has some personal destruction. I don't think anyone really ends up on top here at the end in an interesting way. There's a lot of rebuilding to happen next year."

When it comes to Fox, here's what they had to say about the way things ended for this season: "Despite Gordon's skepticisms, Jeremiah attempts to warn him of more destruction planned for Gotham, which forces Gordon to make a possibly devastating decision; Barbara gathers a team together to secure her position while underworld alliances shift."