GOT7's Yugyeom announces digital single 'Take You Down', fans ask 'who broke his heart?'

GOT7's Yugyeom announces digital single 'Take You Down', fans ask 'who broke his heart?'
GOT7's Yugyeom announces his solo comeback with his first digital single album, 'Take You Down' which drops on March 31 (@yugyeom/Instagram)

GOT7’s innocent days are officially over as the group’s maknae, Yugyeom, just dropped a sensual teaser announcing his solo comeback. Unlike member Jackson who dropped his album with no promotions, the youngest of the seven, Yugyeom, has given fans a two-day breather with his upcoming teaser. On March 29, Yugyeom dropped the first official teaser for his March solo comeback, two days ahead of its release. Yugyeom is set to drop his first solo single, ‘Take Me Down’ on March 31 featuring rapper Coogie.

The singer initially teased his March comeback last month and as hopeful fans thought they would get a mid-March comeback from the GOT7 member, Ahgases are visibly shocked by the sudden announcement of a new single from Yugyeom. The single is set to release digitally and fans will be able to hear from the singer for the first time since his June 2021 debut with the EP, ‘Point of U’ that was released with the lead single, ‘All Your Fault’.


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Yugyeom teases ‘Take You Down’

In his official announcement, GOT7's Yugyeom dropped a teaser for the upcoming digital single and included a tracklist for his first single album. Alongside the title track, ‘Take You Down’ the soon-to-be-released single album from Yugyeom will also feature a b-side track, ‘Lights’. The teaser first revealed a couple making out in a dirty men’s restroom with a jazzy guitar strumming in the background. Moments later, a disheveled Yugyeom is seen barging into the restroom as he looks skyward all tired with no control over his body.

Fans are particularly excited about Yugyeom’s upcoming comeback as he is seen channeling his inner passionate self with his solo music unlike back in the day when the singer was seen releasing peppy music for fans as part of the boy group GOT7. Yugyeom is also set to headline his first solo tour titled, ‘Yugyeom meets Germany’ in May of 2022 to meet his fans in person for the first time after his solo debut. On the other hand, fans of GOT7 are excited with all members including Mark and Jackson back in South Korea as Ahgases wait for an OT7 comeback from the boy group.



‘Yugyeom’s heart is broken’

Fans are thrilled by the comeback news as one fan said, “I almost fell on my knees in the middle of seven eleven omg!!! the goosebumps legit!!! LET'S GOOO love!!!” One fan asked, “Who broke your heart, Gyeomie?!” One fan claimed, “Im sure that yugyeom’s heart is broke bitch who the fuck.” Another fan said, “Where is my innocent baby?” Another fan joked, “YUGYEOM IN A THREESOME?! HELL YEAH!!”














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