'24 Hours to Hell And Back' Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Gordon Ramsay inspires female chefs to lead in the kitchen

When Ramsay heads to New Jersey's Blend on Main and discovers the owner's attitude towards his staff, he slams him for his narrow-mindedness and shuns the stereotype that women can't manage restaurant kitchens

                            '24 Hours to Hell And Back' Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Gordon Ramsay inspires female chefs to lead in the kitchen
Gordon Ramsay (YouTube)

The culinary legend is back with another new season of his popular restaurant revamping show and this week we see him heading to East Coast. Episode 3 explores Blend on Main, a family-owned restaurant in a tourist town in New Jersey.

The eatery is run by husband and wife Lou and Tara, but it is a far cry from what a family business is all about. Lou is an aggressive entrepreneur, but as Ramsay discovers, not in a positive way.

He is rude and abusive to his wife and the entire staff, which lowers the morale of everyone working there. This has created increased negligence of food quality, customer service and the dining experience that the place is supposed to offer.

Ramsay is outright angry at Lou's attitude when Lou makes a comment that his kitchen is full of women and that he thinks they can't manage the service, Ramsay loses his patience.

The chef is appalled at how he treats his staff and how low he thinks of female employees. He then cites the example of his own business, where he has employed 15 women to manage and run the kitchen for years. In fact, as we had seen earlier (and even in this season), his executive chef is also a woman and an accomplished one too!

To change the face of Blend on Main, he brings in four of his star chefs and gets them to train Lou's staff. He then personally takes stock of how each one of them has picked up the quick training, constantly encourages them to put forth their best, and eventually makes them shine with their culinary talent.

Ramsay might be known as a hard nut to crack and a very strict judge of food and food business, but he is a great mentor, which he has proved time and again in many of his shows.

He believes in perfection but he also believes in giving everyone a chance and would go any length to harness their potential. And in Episode 3, the way he motivated Blend on Main's chefs and cooks, it is indeed inspiring for all the women out there aspiring to make it big in the culinary business.

'Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell And Back' Season 3 airs every Tuesday at 9 pm/10c only on FOX.

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