'Good Sam' Episode 2 Review: It's Griffith vs Griffith in an emotional chapter

Despite the slow pacing and the lack of character development, the CBS show has potential and needs a few more chances

                            'Good Sam' Episode 2 Review: It's Griffith vs Griffith in an emotional chapter
Sophia Bush in a still from 'Good Sam' (CBS)

Spoilers for 'Good Sam' Episode 2 'Natural Order'

'Good Sam' Episode 2 is a neat lesson on the impact of toxic relationships at the workplace. It just gets worse if you're in the business of saving lives. Sam Griffith (Sophia Bush) learns it the hard way when her arrogant dad, Rob (Jason Isaacs) attempts to undermine her authority every step of the way. The duo's squabbles — personal and professional reach a boiling point as they tackle two patients of different age groups — a toddler and a young adult with an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

While skimming Twitter to see what the audiences were talking about, it was a surprise to see some negative reactions pop up, but with the show, just two episodes in, it deserves another chance. What makes 'Good Sam' a bit cringy is the fact that it focuses way too much on the Griffith vs Griffith battle and that makes the hospital just a setting for their clashes. Everything else slows down, fades away and takes the backseat while the two bicker and that could be toned down a tad.


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'Natural Order' also has its comical moments. The other resident ERs have their share of confusion between who to report to, Sam or Rob, and that evokes a bit of a laugh, but otherwise, the medical drama could do a lot better. What works in its favor is the good cast that delivers some neat performances and the show has a lot of heart  — a key factor when it comes to medical dramas. The final scene between Michael Stahl-David and the patient Ted (David D’Lancy Wilson) where he confesses that he was a raging alcoholic makes for a good watch.

'Good Sam' is impressive on patches and is still finding its footing. There is undoubtedly stiff competition from other medical dramas from networks, but it does have the potential to get better, and hopefully, the arrival of Sendhil Ramamurthy in the upcoming episode bodes well for the series. Until then, it best to give the CBS drama a couple more chances.

'Good Sam' airs Wednesday nights at 10 pm ET on CBS.

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