'Good Sam' cast teases possible sequel to Netflix film, says it would be fun "getting the team back together"

'Good Sam' cast teases possible sequel to Netflix film, says it would be fun "getting the team back together"

'Good Sam', Netflix's latest feel-good whodunit may come back with a sequel! The film revolves around reporter Kate Bradley unraveling the mystery of an anonymous good Samaritan who starts leaving $100,000 on random doorsteps in New York. Directed by Kate Melville, the film is based on a book of the same name by Dete Meserve.

Tiya Sircar plays the role of Kate Bradley in the film, and Chad Connell plays Eric Hayes, a selfless firefighter who turns out to be the mysterious "Good Sam" in the end. Marco Grazzini plays the role of Jack Hansen in the film, a manipulative investor and politician who is the closest the film has to an antagonist.

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The film ends on a cliffhanger, with Bradley chasing another possible story, as she gets information that there may be a new good Samaritan in town.

In an exclusive interview with MEA World Wide, the cast of 'Good Sam' spoke about the possible sequel for the film.

Connell said that there is a sequel called 'Perfectly Good Crime', which takes place three months after 'Good Sam'. "We are definitely hopeful it will go into production and I’ve had some discussions with Dete Meserve, the author of both books, over what Eric’s role is going to be in the sequel," he added. 

Jesse Camacho, who plays Bradley's cameraman and trusted sidekick in the film said that the upcoming film is "bigger and meatier than the first" and that he really hopes "we get a chance to tell the story".

Grazzini, who did not want to give out much about the sequel, cheekily commented that to tease viewers he would rather "do anonymous $100,000 drops all across the world," as "everything is viral-insta-something these days"!


Marc Camacho in 'Good Sam' (Source: YouTube)


Marc Camacho, who plays the role of Bradley's editor David in the film, said that there is a sequel written for the movie and is hoping to get some more scenes with son Jesse Camacho in the film. The actor said that it would be fun "getting the team back together" and further said that the film will be "tenacious."

"Right now it’s all down to the number of streams and reaction from fans!" Connell added as an endnote.

'Good Sam' premiered on May 16 on Netflix. 

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