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'Good Sam' actor Jesse Camacho says acting with his father Marc Camacho 'was the coolest part' of the Netflix film

Jesse and Marc Camacho are banking on getting more screentime together in the film's possible sequel 'Perfectly Good Crime'

Netflix's latest feel-good whodunit flick 'Good Sam' premiered on May 16 and as the film's trailer teased, it revolves around "bummer beat" reporter Kate Bradley single-handedly solving the mystery of a good Samaritan who goes around leaving wads of cash on random doorsteps in New York. Through the course of the movie, Bradley faces various hurdles as she chases the mysterious "Good Sam", trying to get to the bottom of the story that was assigned to her. Jesse Camacho plays the role of Josh in the film — Bradley's cameraman and trusted sidekick. The duo is always out on projects together, and Josh sees through Bradley at most times, noticing things about Bradley that she herself fails to do so.

A shot showing Kate Bradley and Josh in 'Good Sam' (Source: YouTube)

Talking about his role in the film exclusively to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Jesse said: "I enjoy being a sounding board for my friends and family and I believe that's the role that Josh sometimes plays in Kate Bradley's life." But Jesse's favorite part about acting in the film was not just how relatable his character was, it was that he got to share screen space with his father, Marc Camacho. "Obviously I keep saying how positive an experience shooting this was and how many highlights there were for me, but I have to be honest that working with my father was definitely the coolest part," said Jesse.

Jesse Camacho with director Kate Melville and his dad Marc Camacho (Source: Instagram)

Jesse said he wishes he had more scenes with his father in the film but pointed out that "it was totally surreal for me to be on set working with him." He added, "I've admired and watched him act my whole life and finally being able to stand beside him as his peer was such an honor for me.". Marc plays the role of Bradley's editor David Dyal in the film. "If there's one little regret I have it is that I would have liked to have a couple more scenes with my son," agreed Marc, who also spoke to MEAWW in an exclusive interview. "It did bug me that his trailer was bigger than mine though," jokes Jesse.

Both father and son are hoping to have some more screen time together in the film's possible sequel, 'Perfectly Good Crime', which will also be based on Date Meserve’s book on which 'Good Sam' is based.

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