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'Good Girls' Season 4 Episode 2: Is Dean covering up for Beth? Here's why their daughter says 'daddy's dead'

it's not gunshots but shots of the alcoholic variety that have done the damage
Matthew Lillard plays Dean Boland on 'Good Girls' (NBC)
Matthew Lillard plays Dean Boland on 'Good Girls' (NBC)

It's shots of another kind that led Beth and Dean Boland's young daughter to tell her mother that "Daddy's dead". Beth wakes up one morning to her daughter saying this and rushes to the bathroom where she finds Dean passed out on the floor. But it's not gunshots but shots of the alcoholic variety that have done the damage.

Beth asks why he would drink so much in the first place. Dean says that he was simply keeping up with the Kahuna Spa client, who has shown interest in buying 'Boland Bubbles'. What Dean doesn't realize is that the so-called Kahuna Spa client is actually an FBI agent undercover.

But while Dean may be hungover, he is still on top of the world because he believes that he has sealed the deal with Kahuna Spas. When Beth asks him how he managed that, he says with the old Boland charm and that he also handed over the accounting books without which the deal wouldn't have come through.


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Christina Hendricks and Matthew Lillard star in 'Good Girls' (NBC)

When Beth hears that Dean has handed over the books she looks horrified and with good reason. Dean is under the impression that 'Boland Bubbles' is a legitimate business, but Beth has been using the hot tub business as a front to continue money laundering.

By handing over the books, Dean has literally put himself in the dock. He has not helped his case, by telling the undercover agent in an attempt to assuage his male pride, that he is the one who takes all the major decisions when it comes to the business and Beth simply helps out. 

Beth desperately tries to use one of Rio's gang members to get the books back, but her efforts go in vain, when the cops arrive to arrest Dean who has no idea what is going on. However, FBI agent Phoebe Donnegan (Lauren Lapkus) is still appalled that the wrong person Dean is being arrested for Beth's crimes. Will Phoebe find the requisite evidence she needs to arrest Beth as well? Tune in to the next episode of 'Good Girls' on March 21 on NBC at 10/9c to find out.