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'Good Girls' Season 4 Episode 1: Will Dean take the fall for Beth's crimes? How Mr Fitzpatrick can add a twist

What does Beth's new and unexpected suitor mean for Beth and Dean's marriage? Or do they have bigger problems to focus on with the FBI?
Christina Hendricks as Beth and Andrew McCarthy as Mr Fitzpatrick in 'Good Girls' (NBC)
Christina Hendricks as Beth and Andrew McCarthy as Mr Fitzpatrick in 'Good Girls' (NBC)

It’s not everyday one gets hit on by a hitman but that’s just another day in the life of Beth Boland (Christina Hendricks) on 'Good Girls'. In the Season 4 premiere, we see that Beth has a rather unlikely new admirer in Mr Fitzpatrick, a hitman. As for why Beth is having such intimate conversations with a hitman in the first place, let’s refresh your memories. In Season three, Beth, Ruby (Retta) and Annie (Mae Whitman) hire a hitman Mr Fitzpatrick played by '80s poster boy Andrew McCarthy to get rid of Rio, the gang leader who has them in his grip.

However, the hitman seems to be dragging his feet on this assignment, in the process costing Beth, Annie and Ruby thousands of dollars that they don't have. When Beth finally confronts him, he says that he is delaying the job because he is distracted by Beth and asks her to dinner. Beth is left gobsmacked especially since Fitzpatrick knows that Beth is married to Dean (Matthew Lillard) and also that she had an affair with Rio. She is left unsure of what to do next and tells Ruby and Annie that maybe dinner just means dinner and that's all Fitzpatrick wants. Ruby and Annie just roll their eyes at such wishful thinking leaving Beth to figure out what to do with the love-struck hitman.


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Retta, Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman in 'Good Girls' (NBC)

So what does this new and unexpected suitor mean for Beth and Dean’s marriage? Well, Dean and Beth have gone through much worse when it comes to being unfaithful to each other. Also judging from the end of 'Good Girls' Season 3, they will have bigger problems to contend with than a love-struck hitman. The FBI has been suspicious that 'Boland Bubbles', the hot tub business Beth and Dean have started, is a money-laundering front.

However, Season 4's premiere episode ends with a twist. We see that the FBI top brass is not focussing on Beth but on Dean assuming that he is the kingpin when it comes to the crimes. This is especially considering Dean’s previous car dealership 'Boland Motors' also shut down under suspicious circumstances. What's ironic is that with 'Boland Bubbles' Dean is the one who wanted it to be a legitimate business. So how will Beth get Dean out of hot water? Also while the FBI top bosses may be convinced it's Dean who is the mastermind, Agent Phoebe Donnegan (Lauren Lapkus) who has been keeping a close eye on the girls, has a different view. It will be interesting to see to what extent Agent Donnegan will go to bring Beth and the girls down. You can catch the premiere episode of Season 4 of 'Good Girls' on March 7 on Sunday 10/9c on NBC.