'Good Girls' Season 3 Finale Preview: Will Beth hire Rio's henchman Mick to kill the suave kingpin?

After flaking once, what are the odds that Beth's hitman will actually do the job this time?

                            'Good Girls' Season 3 Finale Preview: Will Beth hire Rio's henchman Mick to kill the suave kingpin?
Beth and Rio (NBC)

It is finally time for everything to crumble. The hitman Beth Boland (Christina Hendricks) had hired flaked on the titular trio in the penultimate and previous Episode 10. And as we inch closer to the end of this season's run cut down to 11 episodes only, there are high chances Beth will resort to seeking the help of none other than Rio's (Manny Montana) henchman Mick to take the sinister, suave, kingpin out.

The theory originates from sneak peeks offered by the trailer for the upcoming finale of Season 3, titled 'Synergy'. Beth can be seen asking Rio about the promised cut slash allowance from the job they are doing for him, which he just simply blows off by laughing. Rio says something like "Yeah, about that—" and trails off — leading us to believe he is most likely not caving, despite making Beth work for it.

The next scene shows Beth complaining to her allies about how Rio can't just do that to them, to which Ruby most like exclaims in frustration "Where is a hitman when you need him?" Is it possible that even after testing Beth if she was ready or not, the hitman actually flaked on them again?


While this leads to speculations surrounding where the hitman's loyalties lie — whether he is actually on Beth's side or has been working for Rio all this time, the promo also teases just enough to let us know that Beth might reach out for Mick's loyalties this time. In one of the scenes, Beth can be seen handing Mick a bag of money, telling him she needs him to do something for her.

Could it be that Beth is asking Rio's most loyal man to turn against him?

Why would she even think that's something she can pull off effortlessly? What leverage could Beth have over Mick for her to suggest something so brazen when she has seen the man shoot a perfectly innocent, unwitting accomplice in Beth's game at Rio's command? These are the questions we shall have to swirl in until the season finale is finally here and we find out whether Rio dies or not, as Beth tries to finish him a second time all over again.

'Good Girls' Season 3 finale, Episode 11, will air on Sunday, at 10 PM only on NBC.

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