'Good Girls' Season 3 Episode 10: Is the hitman on Beth's side? Fans think he's 'probably on Rio's payroll'

The hitman had been paid to take Rio out in the latest episode, but the latest developments have fans convinced that his loyalties are elsewhere

                            'Good Girls' Season 3 Episode 10: Is the hitman on Beth's side? Fans think he's 'probably on Rio's payroll'

Spoilers for Season 3 Episode 10 'Opportunity'

The latest episode of 'Good Girls' Season 3 was supposed ot be the one where it all ends. No, it wasn't the season finale, we still have a whole week to look forward to that. But the penultimate Episode 10 was supposed to be the one where the hitman hired by Beth was supposed to kill Rio. And while fans were on the edge anticipating the worst, Beth and her allies "almost" celebrated as the plan never went through. The hitman flaked on her without prior notice and then asked Beth to do something, with consequences that haven't convinced the fandom that all this while, he has been working for Rio instead.

When Rio shows up at Beth's house right after the scheduled slot for killing him passes, Beth hunts down the hitman to confront him about flaking on her. He doesn't answer them right away, and instead presents a list of additional charges. Beth, Annie and Ruby try to follow him around town, but he spots them and comes over to inform them that he doesn't do "jilted lovers." This drives Beth to prove she isn't one and really is desperate enough to have Rio out of the picture, and the hitman puts her, albeit unwittingly, through a test of her own conviction.

The hitman takes her on an assignment where he's taking a shot at someone who arrived in a car exactly similar to Rio's and tells Beth he will 'do it', only when she tells him to in as many words. Beth follows through and the man shoots what turns out to be a paintball shot at the vehicle, and out comes the owner who is not even Rio. The hitman then tells Beth it was all a test that she passed, meaning she is ready and back on his schedule. And this is what looked sketchy enough for viewers to believe he has been acting a double agent all this time, working under Rio's orders to blindside Beth in her plans.

It started with a fan sharing on Twitter, "The episode just started and I already have a feeling that Rio knows about the hitman." Another fan simply stated the very possible theory, tweeting: "I feel like the hitman knows Rio like he works for him or has worked for him before."

Noting how trying to kill Rio is wishful thinking and stupidity on Beth's part, a fan added: "Elizabeth so damn dumb she really think she’s about to finish rio...the hitman probably on Rios payroll." While another also remarked about another possible outcome, sharing: "The hitman will end up getting hit by Rio."
The next week's teaser also had to contribute to fan theories surrounding the hitman working for Rio. The clip shows Beth asking Rio for their cut slash allowance, now that she has a working system to turn that black money into white, and Rio simply laughs it off. It had a viewer speculating: "This part right here though. Rio's going to cut her off & say "Let's see how you pay your hitman mami." Why? Simply because fans are convinced their suave, sexy antagonist is "one step ahead of them. let’s be honest, he always is." Well, he did know she was stealing from him, so in all probability, he was the one to send this strange lawyer-esque hitman Beth's way to teach her yet another lesson.

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