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'Good Girls' Season 3 Episode 10 leaves fans on edge: 'You better tell me [spoiler] won’t be dead'

Fans found themselves asking 'What the f**k was that?' after the 45 minutes of lost 'Opportunity'
Beth Boland (NBC)
Beth Boland (NBC)

Spoilers for 'Good Girls' Season 3 Episode 10 'Opportunity'

The most recent episode of 'Good Girls' Season 3 was a wild ride: From Beth being tested on her conviction to follow through with the hitman's task to Ruby inching closer towards getting caught by the police, the entirety of Episode 10 has fans on the edge of their seats, begging for the safety of their sweltering, suave villain, Rio, and debating whether or not Beth will actually get him killed. Well, the cat's out of the bag and while nobody is dead yet, there's still another episode to come where the hitman is expected to work his magic. This is probably why throughout the events of the latest episode, fans found themselves biting their nails and going practically crazy like that Pepe Silvia meme of Charlie Day, joining all the red lines together. From cursing commercials to repeatedly questioning the plot's teasing insanity, fans found themselves asking 'What the f**k was that?' after the 45 minutes of lost 'Opportunity'.

It all started when Beth found Rio was still alive, as he randomly showed up rather home after the slotted kill time scheduled by the hitman. He takes her for a ride and blames her for not having a 'system' to turn her black allowance money to white. And while throughout those few minutes, it seems like he is on to something. He probably knows all about the hitman the same way he knew she stole from him.

Beth gets off with just no more allowance hereon, so she goes straight to the hitman, tails him around town in her car and finally confronts him about the job not yet done. The hitman tells her he doesn't do jilted lovers and then it becomes a game of Beth proving her conviction in going through with the plan, by being set up for a test, which she passes with flying paintball splashes.

The hitman takes her on his mission and asks her to keep an eye out for Rio's car through the telescope. When the car arrives, he asks her to give him the green signal, only then he would take the shot. Beth contemplates, briefly, but enough to send viewers in a frenzied panic as they try to debate whether she is going to follow through or not. "You better tell me Rio won’t be dead by the end of this episode," shared a fan on Twitter.

It was their lucky day, as Rio was in fact not killed by the end of this episode. After a fair few seconds of deliberating, when Beth finally says "Just do it," the hitman shoots the car and it turns out to be a paintball gun. The person aboard the vehicle comes out, and it wasn't Rio after all. But guessing the entire scenario, as a fan pointed out "It’s def gonna be the paintball gun from that promo last week," they also suggested: "And the assassin and/or Rio are gonna be like hah jokes on you Beth." 

It is probably this possible plot twist that had fans in such a panic if not the fact that Rio almost died in this episode. From fans predicting "watch her back out in the last second if it actually is him in the car" to "I think our hitman is going to miss Rio and kill Mick instead," the theories flew in from every possible direction, still legitimate as the hitman confirmed with Beth she has passed the test and is back on his schedule.

But even with fans claiming "I've never not wanted something to happen as bad as this," some of them weren't as worried about Rio as they are about Beth's stupidity. "Elizabeth so damn dumb she really think she’s about to finish rio...the hitman probably on Rios payroll," shared a viewer, while another simply remarked: "Beth put all this time and MONEY getting this hitman. She better not flake 'cause if she do, I don't wanna hear her complain about Rio ever again. "

The biggest antagonist for viewers on the episode was, however, the commercial breaks in between as the plot got more and more twisted and anticipation quadrupled duly. "I have a theory that the commercials at the end of the episode are excruciatingly longer and more awful," tweeted a fan.

Another chimed in: "Why do these commercials think we care?" The reason? "I don’t want to say goodbye to this sexy man Rio," as one fan put it. And another stated in a matter-of-fact tone: "If they kill off rio, idk if ill be able to keep watching." But when all was over, the majority of the fandom found themselves screaming "WHAT THE F**K WAS THAT?"

'Good Girls' Season 3 airs on Sundays at 10 pm only on NBC.