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'Good Girls' season 3 better bring Rio back for a hatefully hot reunion with Beth

The last we saw of him, Rio was spewing blood and grasping at the little life left in him, but Jimmy offered him a deal and it remains to be seen if he took the offer

‘Good Girls’ ended on a brilliant cliff-hanger in season 2, and boy, are we impatient for a new season! Over the last two seasons, we saw the three protagonists go from novices in crime to kind of pros. With a teacher like Rio (Manny Montana) to guide – and torture - them, it was no wonder they came out on top - barely – and scot-free by the end of it all.

Rio, as fans already know, had a soft spot for Beth (Christina Hendricks), hardened by the life of crime as he may be. With his easy enigma and raw animalism, the audience stood no chance against him, let alone Beth. She had a complicated and lustful relationship with him, which included a bit of consensual, hateful sex.

It was evident in certain moments that he felt played by her, especially when she had sex with him just before cutting things off and announcing that she wanted to leave the life of crime. He left without so much as a gasp of surprise or agitation, but in the moments she spoke of what she wanted the look of longing in his eyes was evident.

Her problems were beyond his areas of understanding - family, five children, a cheating husband for whom she has moments of love and tenderness. Despite choosing to hand herself over to the FBI for a murder she did not commit so that her family and friends can live a safe life, she was allowed to walk free, after the said man turned out to be alive.

NBC renewed 'Good Girls' for season 4 in April (Twitter)

Beth was hoping for a fresh start, but in what seemed to be his twisted way of showing love, Rio beat up the FBI officer, Jimmy (James Lesure), who was hell-bent on trapping her. Rio decided that poetic justice would be served if Beth were to murder Jimmy, but what he did not expect was for Beth to turn around and tell him that her problems began with him and shot him to prove the point.

The last we saw of him, Rio was spewing blood and grasping at the little life left in him, but Jimmy offered him a deal – one that would end in him calling for help. It remains to be seen if Rio took the offer, but let’s be real, is there a ‘Good Girls’ if Rio doesn’t return? We think not.

As a fan puts it, “Ay dios 🔥 Rio gives me all kinds of feels - Can’t wait for season 3, but if they actually killed him? I ain’t watching #GoodGirls.” This sentiment is shared by most fans, and we sure hope the showrunners take that into consideration while producing season 3. One thing is for sure that Beth is going to have hell to pay when he is back, and of course, they will have hot, passionate, hateful sex - and we are looking forward to every moment of that.