'Good Bones' Season 7: Cast, date, plot and latest buzz about home renovation show

'Good Bones' Season 7: Cast, date, plot and latest buzz about home renovation show
Good Bones (HGTV)

'Good Bones' has been already renewed for a seventh season by HGTV and it is scheduled to return soon. Discovery+ is also preparing for a companion spinoff series, 'Good Bones: Risky Business' scheduled to premiere this year.


For now, it has been confirmed that the mother-daughter renovation team, Karen E Laine and Mina Starsiak would return for Season 7. Fans can expect dilapidated properties to be broken down to the studs before they are transformed into dream homes by the talented mother-daughter duo with years of experience in the industry.



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When is 'Good Bones' Season 7 releasing and where can you watch it?

'Good Bones' Season 7 will premiere on Tuesday, July 12 at 9 pm ET on HGTV. The new season is confirmed to have 14 episodes and will be available for streaming on Discovery+.

What is the plot of 'Good Bones' Season 7?

In the upcoming season of 'Good Bones', Mina is focused on expanding her and her mother's renovation business. With the real estate market in flux, the duo branch out into new neighborhoods and take on client renovation projects. They also tackle their first-ever commercial renovation when they help a fellow female entrepreneur whose bridal shop is moving into a new space. Mina once stated in an interview that the new season of 'Good Bones' will be unlike any other because most of it happened during Covid-19. Mina also said, "And again, I'm not sure how they'll edit it, but we were shut down for a while because of the pandemic and filming was limited and supplies are still so limited."


Viewers will get to see more layers to the drama than there have been in any other season. Mina shared that it will be interesting to see how that plays out in editing when everyone else sees it.

Who stars in 'Good Bones' Season 7?

As mentioned earlier, Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk would return as the leads of the show.

Karen E Laine

Karen E Laine has gained recognition for her appearance on 'Good Bones.' Before becoming a professional house-flipper, she studied law at the Robert H McKinney School of Law at Indiana University. Following her graduation, she worked as a defense attorney and her LinkedIn profile states that she was an associate attorney for the Cohen & Malad firm in the early 1990s.


Karen E. Laine will be one of the leads (Karen E Laine/Karen E Laine/Instagram)

She then worked for the Jensen Law firm and focused on criminal defense, family law, mediation, and guardian ad litem services.


Latest buzz about Good Bones Season 7

A 'Good Bones' spinoff is also on the way, titled 'Good Bones: Risky Business.' It will be a six-episode miniseries following Mina Starsiak-Hawk while she renovates the 100-year-old Sanders House in Indianapolis' fashionable Fountain Square.


Stating that 'Risky Business' has a different vibe than 'Good Bones', Starsiak-Hawk admitted that she didn't plan to cover the renovation on a spinoff show or even had any idea what to do with it in the beginning at all. The focus of 'Good Bones' has always been renovating the city from the inside out, and that will never change.


Glenna Stacer-Styles, Scott Feeley, and Graham Wiggins were the executive producers of the show until 2020 and further changes are yet to be announced.



The makers have not released a trailer for 'Good Bones' Season 7 so far.

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