'Good Bones' Season 5 Episode 5: Mina and Karen give their friends' home a modern, edgy and rustic makeover

'Good Bones' Season 5 Episode 5: Mina and Karen give their friends' home a modern, edgy and rustic makeover

Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen Laine help their friends, Curtis and Mel, transform their traditional Old Northside home with respect to the local historical society. The couple had been wanting to do renovations to their home for a very long time, and even started on much of the demolition, but abandoned their plans sometime later. Their home is historical, and any refurbishing ideas are dependant on the local historical society's approval. 

Curtis and Mel have allocated a solid $75,000 budget (they can push it up to $100,000 if needed) towards renovating their 1,325 square feet, two-bedroom home. There's a lot they can do to the home, and give it the modern transformation that the couple really wishes to give their living space, but all of it depends on approval from the historical society. The Two Chicks and a Hammer duo decide they will need to build a two-story addition in the back of the home that will allow them to expand the kitchen and dining room. Furthermore, the back addition will also let them add a bath and closet to the couple's first-floor bedroom, creating a true master suite. If the historical society approves of it, then they also plan on an extension to the front of the house, which will make the master suite even bigger.

Curtis and Mel's house before renovations (HGTV)

In comparison to the projects, Mina and Karen usually work on, this particular one is different firstly because they're doing it for a home-owner. Secondly, it is in a historic area that comes with a bunch of limitations. The flooring, although fairly new isn't exactly the best quality, so the couple has allowed the team to spend a little more on better flooring. The historical society approved the plans for the front and back extension, enabling the mother-and-daughter duo to finalize their floor plans. The current porch will be used for the front extension, and the team will build a new front porch as an addition.

Renovated dining room (HGTV)

Interior-wise, the living room doesn't change, while the staircase remains the same, Mina plans to add a fireplace in the living room acting on Curtis' surprise for Mel, who has always wanted one. The kitchen, dining room, and bathroom downstairs will stay the same as well. Upstairs, the two other bedrooms will stay as is, while the master bedroom gets a complete makeover with the addition of a closet and ensuite. The decision on the interior design is a bit tricky, says Mina, as its not their house, and while Curtis and Mel have given the team their input, the final decision is up to Two Chicks and Hammer Inc.

Curtis and Mel's house after renovations (HGTV)

In contrast to the all-white bright shades on the exterior of the house, Mina and Karen decide to give it a dark on dark look. The facade will be painted green and complimented by dark trims, to add some appeal to the modern-urban style transformation and give it an edgy feel. Karen's DIY will focus on making a designated pet area underneath the living room staircase for Curtis and Mel's two dogs and a cat. The team is also designing a custom ambrosian maple dining table for the dining room, with live-edge open shelving for the bar. The dining room walls will also have matching maple, to support the bar-shelving. The kitchen will sport some floating steel shelving, while the living room stairwell will get a floor to ceiling metal railing.

Renovated living room (HGTV)

The huge responsibility when working with home-owners is to get it right, and Karen feels like they've accomplished that. The finished look of the house boasts a combined modern-urban, edgy vibe with touches of rustic throughout. The same motif is being followed with the furniture and other decorative elements in the interior. The budget overran the expected $75,000 to $100,000 bringing the total cost up to $114,000. Curtis and Mel are overjoyed at the transformation of their old home. Mina and Karen exceed all their expectations to create a safe, gorgeous and funky new space for them. 

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