'GO TO JAIL': 'Wednesday' fans call for Percy Hynes White to be fired after sexual assault allegations

'GO TO JAIL': 'Wednesday' fans call for Percy Hynes White to be fired after sexual assault allegations
Fans call for 'Wednesday' star Percy Hynes White to be fired from the show amid sexual assault allegations (Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Netflix’s horror-comedy show ‘Wednesday’ starring Jenna Ortega may be a smash hit and has just been renewed for a second season, but if the fans have their way, Percy Hynes White will not be a part of it. White, 21, has been accused of sexual assault with many pictures making their way to social media leaving fans shocked. He played Xavier Thorpe, one of the love interests of the titular characters. What makes the allegations a lot more shocking is that most of them come from high school students.

MSN reported that the storm of allegations had begun when a Twitter user had begun a thread on the micro-blogging platform with screenshots of texts from girls who have been affected by sexual abuse by the actor. She went on to say that he is a "serial" abuser and has encouraged all to listen to anyone and everyone who may have horrific stories to share about the actor. She also tweeted that White had body-shamed women who reject his advances, by calling them ‘fat, sl*ts, wh***s, c*nts, ugly, liars.’


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According to allegations made on the thread, White and his friends would, “explicitly invite women they thought were hot so they could get them drunk and high enough to have sex with them.” He has also been accused of assaulting many women and sharing their nude pictures without their consent. The thread has initiated lots of reactions with the user posting a tweet thanking the response and encouraging those who had spoken out.

The tweet read, “Knowing that me and my friend's shocked, sick to our stomach reactions to seeing Percy Hynes White in our new favorite show is finally and my experience at his party in high school being justified cus yall are LISTENINGGGG . thank you.” The actor has now deactivated his Twitter account following the controversy and has made no comment. The team of 'Wednesday' are also yet to provide the verdict on whether or not White will continue to be part of the show, amid calls for him to be fired.



Fans have been critical of White’s continuation on the show. One of the tweets deem White as ‘creepy’ for his behavior around co-star Ortega, with a video of him touching her inappropriately attached to it. Another tweet had a video of White’s character in the show being handcuffed, with the user saying, “this scene hits different now….. #PercyHynesWhite #JennaOrtega #percy.”

Another user tweeted saying, “We told you we had to be team tyler,” with it being a reference to the show. Further, a tweet had pictures and videos of White engaging in unsavory acts, with the user saying, “go to jail.” A fifth user talked about how she feels sorry for the queer community who has interacted with the actor, while alluding to his disrespectful tweets about the community and women. The user wrote, “and im so f**king sorry for hunter and any other members of the queer community who had to interact with this sicko. his likes only prove how ignorant and insensitive he is and how little he respects women and the queer community. f**k percy hynes white. go rot.”




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