'GLOW' season 3 will go deeper, darker, and explore issues plaguing women since time immemorial

'GLOW' season 3 will go deeper, darker, and explore issues plaguing women since time immemorial

'GLOW' season 3 is one of the most anticipated projects of the year, and we can imagine why.

From comedy to action to drama, the show explores every avenue within the spectrum of human emotions, and, from what we understand, the upcoming season 3 will take it up a few notches.

The trailer for the upcoming season shows that the show will address serious issues such as addiction and depression, on a larger scale than in the past. 

So far, the ladies were all struggling to find their success, but, this time around, they have had a taste of success and that Vegas life.

And, even though this is what most of them had dreamt of, at least some feel disgruntled with their new lifestyle, and possibly even learn that happiness does not lie outside. 


"We really are getting into a lot more, you know deeper and you know realistic issues," Britney Young, who portrays Carmen on 'GLOW' told MEA WorldWide (MEAWW).

"We really do try to find the authenticity in addiction and being in new places and finding out who you are, which I really appreciate from our amazing writers and producers," she said. 

She remembers how when the earlier seasons came out, viewers claimed that the show set in the '80s is being too contemporary. "No, that's a hundred per cent wrong. We're not bringing in contemporary issues. We're talking about issues that have plagued women forever. I think that's the kind of the mindset where people are like, oh the #metoo movement is just happening now. No, these women have been dealing with it for a very, very long time, you know, and just now coming to a bigger platform and I'm very proud that, we are part of that platform where we're not going to shy away from exposing the dark sides of this business… the dark sides of our lives."



There are a lot of real, fun parts mixed with the dramatic moments this season, and for Young, it was difficult not to get emotional while shooting and reading the script during the really touching moments we have, she says.

"We don't want to sugar-coat things. We want to try to say here is truthfully what these women are experiencing in this time. And unfortunately, it just happens to parallel what women are still experiencing in 2019. So, I'm glad that we're getting the conversation started and hopefully, we can inspire some people to take their lives into their own hands and just say like enough is enough. We're not going to stand for this," she says.

Young also promises that this season will get to see a lot more of the women who have been on the sidelines. "Every character really gets a great storyline this year and we really get to see who these girls are outside of their GLOW personas. Who they are as people, who they are as women, and how these relationships are affected by it," she says, adding, "As just a fan of the show, it's great to see the lives of these women come out this season, especially, more of the supporting cast. We really do get to like delve into you know you Yolanda (Shakira Barrera) and Arthie (Sunita Mani), and Dawn (Rebekka Johnson) and Stacey (Kimmy Gatewood), Jenny (Ellen Wong)… We get to meet the characters in a different way this season and I think that's great."


As for Carmen, we will get to see more layers and a character story. "I really appreciate that as an actor we really are diving into some of these serious issues and getting to stretch ourselves in this craft," she says, adding how she revisited the first two seasons to better understand her character's journey.

So far, we have seen the character, whose wrestling persona is Machu Picchu, dealing with surface-level issues. This season will see her getting into deeper feelings.

"It’s just really showing the vulnerability and making things softer and making sure that they come out in a truthful, not over-exaggerated manner," she says. 

'GLOW' season 3 releases August 9, 2019 on Netflix.


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