GLOW season 3: Britney Young teases how Carmen's life will change after that finale shocker involving Bash

GLOW season 3: Britney Young teases how Carmen's life will change after that finale shocker involving Bash
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So, you are done binge-watching season 2 of 'GLOW' and are as shocked by the turn of events in the finale episode and can't wait to find out what happens next? If you aren't, then you have been fairly warned - look no further. Go binge-watch season 2 on Netflix and then return here.

No one could have predicted that surprise twist in the finale, not even as late as the penultimate episode, where Bash (Chris Lowell) and Rhonda (Kate Nash) get married to each other. And ever since that moment we have been wondering how their marriage is going to stand the test of time, especially when the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling move to Vegas. We also want to explore Carmen's (Britney Young) far-from-happy reaction to it.  

Even as we wait for season 3 to provide us with these answers, Britney has some guesses as to why her character was displeased with Bash and Rhonda's nuptials. She tells Meaww, "In my mind I kind of have two ideas as to why she might be upset. I think one, the entire season 2 for both Carmen and Bash has been centered on them finding out who they really are and what that means to each of them and when she sees Bash marrying Ronda she knows that it is him running away in a sense instead of facing his fears and really finding out who exactly he is."


On the other hand, Carmen could also be jealous of the fact that her friend – possibly her best friend – is into one of the GLOW girls but turns out it isn't her. "It is a little bit about back to - not so much of a will they won't they - but I think it's a matter of maybe Carmen Doesn't have a crush on Bash and Bash doesn't have a crush on her, but if Bash did have a crush on one of the GLOW girls, then Carmen wishes it was her. I think it is just one of those things where she thinks 'I don't really like you but if you did like anyone it should be me,'" she says.  

It would be quite interesting to see how Carmen would fit into this whole marriage situation. A conflict between Rhonda and Carmen is quite unavoidable, considering the latter's close friendship with Bash. As Britney predicts, maybe Bash and Carmen's relationship is putting a strain on Carmen and Rhonda’s relationship. "I hope that that comes to a solution or a solving point," she adds.


While it is quite regressive to have two women – especially friends – fight over a man, Britney says she is also happy that a real storyline such as that would be explored, because whether you want it or not, "unfortunately that is real."  

"You never want to ditch your friends for a guy or a girl but sometimes when those people come into your life your friendship does get a little bit strained," she says.  Britney also spoke a little about the girls' move to Vegas, where she hopes "the show becomes even more popular and with these women going from local celebrities two national celebrities," adding she wants to know how each of these girls would react to the move.  

For Carmen specifically, she wants to know what changes she would undergo. "Carmen hasn't experienced everything that life has to offer and I think this is kind of really the first time she is going to be out there off on her own so I am just really interested to see again if she is the kind of person that she is in Vegas," she says. 


Is the gentle giant of GLOW going to gamble, is she going to drink or try to have a romance or is she going to remain the same Carmen and stay in her lane? Says Britney, "I am kind of curious to see where her attention will lie." 

In season 2 we also addressed the fact that how on 'GLOW' the wrestling perpetuates stereotypes. Be it in episode 4 where Tammé (Kia Stevens) is embarrassed about being the Welfare Queen or in Arthie (Sunita Mani) trying to disassociate herself from the character Beirut the Mad Bomber. Now that we have addressed it and accepted it, will there be any moves to evolve from it, we wonder in the potential season 3? 

"I think the interesting thing about 'GLOW' is that if you look back on the original Glow from the 1980s, you do have wrestling matches where the girls will come out in lingerie and wrestle - kind of bringing that sexual factor into it. Our characters in 'GLOW,' what I really love about them is that the writers are doing it on purpose, yes, again we are showing you that these women are going to have to play into that stereotype and that is the atmosphere of the 1980 and that is the atmosphere of wrestling and the atmosphere of actresses but women are going to take it and turn it on their head and make it their own," she says.  


Further, she adds, "If you see, yes they might be out there wrestling in Lingerie but guess what? They’re jumping from the top rope and doing their power launch. They are showing you that really behind all of this is strong and powerful women and I really, really appreciate that." 

The show – especially in the current season - addresses these women's willingness to go as far as is required of them to succeed. And, once the decision of 'Okay, I am going to do this' it becomes a question of what then, are they going to do to make sure it happens on their own terms. 

GLOW, the wrestling show, poses a juxtaposition of empowering women while also perpetuating stereotypes. And, Britney says she incisions this juxtaposition thus: "I think again that being back in the room and being in a situation where Ruth (Alison Brie) is being able to say ok how far am I willing to go to get my show off the ground and once I make that decision how am I going to turn it on its head and make it something that is positive for me." 


Well, we can't wait to see how season 3 will take the 'GLOW' ladies to a bigger and better platform, as Britney projects. 

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 Glow season 3 Britney Young teases how Carmen life will change after that finale shocker involving Bash