Where is Jasmin Whitaker? Gloria Williams' oldest child was thrown out of the house at 15

Where is Jasmin Whitaker? Gloria Williams' oldest child was thrown out of the house at 15
Gloria Williams (Harris County Sheriff's Office) and a missing poster for 17-year-old Jasmin Whitaker. (Facebook)

Before watching her autistic eight-year-old being beaten to death, Gloria Williams allegedly threw out her oldest child, a then-15-year-old daughter. The disturbing fact has come to light just days after Williams and her boyfriend Brian Coulter were arrested for abandoning her four boys in Houston, Texas. The case has seen a lot of stunning new information come forward, indicating just how lax Williams was as a mother.

Following a 911 call from Williams' eldest son, police were greeted with a grim scene at the apartment, where three boys were found alive but malnourished, living with the rotting body of Kendrick Lee. Williams' family acknowledged her inability to take care of her many children, saying she was estranged and would never let them see the kids. Meanwhile, it appears the couple continued to live normal lives, even celebrating Valentine's Day just months after Lee was killed.


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Fresh information indicates that the three children rescued from the apartment aren't Williams' only kids. Reportedly, she also has two daughters. One is in the custody of her grandmother while the other is reported missing as of October 29. Here's everything we know about the two girls, and what happened between them and Williams.

Gloria Williams and her boyfriend Brian Coulter. (Twitter)

'She was never a fit mom'

Melody Robinson, the paternal grandmother to one of Williams' children sat down to explain the complex relationships in the family to Click 2 Houston on October 28. She confirmed Williams has six children in all - two daughters aged 17 and 13, and four sons. Three of the boys are 15, 10 and 7. The fourth, Lee, was just eight when he was killed by Coulter. The surviving boys are currently in the custody of Child Protective Services while the two daughters are living very different lives.

Robinson said she was currently the sole guardian of a 13-year-old, whom she took in shortly after she was born. "She was never a fit mom to me... She was unstable and easily manipulated," Robinson explained. The grandmom said her son was dating Williams around 2005, after already having had two children from different fathers. Eventually, they broke up and Robinson lost contact with Williams until the child was born. When she was just two weeks, Robinson brought the child to live with her, but Williams quickly got her back.

Then, when the daughter was two, Williams handed her over to Robinson while she rekindled a relationship with her oldest son’s father, who lived in Baton Rouge. Since then, Robinson has lost contact with Williams, who refused her requests to join family functions. But while the 13-year-old enjoyed the loving care of her grandmother, it was a fate Williams' other daughter did not get.

Where is Williams' eldest daughter?

The now 17-year-old girl was reportedly "thrown out" of the house after she got into an argument with Coulter, in an attempt to protect her brothers from his abuse. Robinson said she was thrown out when she was 15, and forced to spend a year on the streets. CPS then got hold of the girl when she ended up at the hospital. In her Click 2 Houston interview, Robinson said she then brought the child into her home, where she lived with her half-sister.

It's unclear what happened since, but on October 29, some users on Facebook began sharing a missing person report for Jasmine Whitaker, a 17-year-old who was identified as Williams' eldest daughter. The claims originated from a 'Missing People in America' page post, which said she was last seen on September 26 in Houston. Since the claims were made after Robinson's interview was published, the grandmother never addressed them. At the time of reporting, she still hasn't addressed the claims. 



Since Robinson hasn't spoken about the claims, we cannot verify whether Whitaker is actually Williams' daughter. However, those claims have since been shot down by other Facebook users, who say Whitaker is not missing. The source for that appears to be a Facebook account in the name of Jasminn Renee, who posted a photo saying, "Yall need to stop worrying bout me im outta town and I'm doing good by myself so stop wit tha b.s." We could not confirm if the account does indeed belong to the same person, so there's no way to confirm the truth about Williams' eldest daughter.

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