Why didn't Gloria Williams' family rescue her kids? She only 'reached out for cash'

Why didn't Gloria Williams' family rescue her kids? She only 'reached out for cash'
Gloria Williams' was arrested for killing her son (Harris County Sheriff's Office)

Days after the horrific find at a Houston apartment, the family of Gloria Williams has finally spoken up. In an interview, the family revealed why they had no knowledge of the children being abandoned and noted Williams was estranged from them. The interview provides a deeper look into Williams, who has now been arrested and charged over the death of her eight-year-old, Kendrick Lee. 

On October 26, Williams and her boyfriend Brian Coulter were arrested by police after Williams' eldest son called 911 for help. The call led to a shocking discovery - three boys were left to fend for themselves in an apartment with the decaying body of their brother Kendrick. Coulter is accused of brutally killing the child, for which he has been slapped with a murder charge. Meanwhile, the couple were happily going about their lives, with their Instagram showing off tattoos and expensive valentine's day gifts.


Cops found Gloria Williams, Brian Coulter surfing news of their own crimes in library

Brian Coulter: Man accused of killing girlfriend's son, 8, seen drunk on Insta videos

The story has shocked people all over the nation, with many wondering how Williams could leave her children alone like that. We finally have some insight into that question, thanks to her family who opened up in an interview with Click 2 Houston. The publication was able to speak to two of Williams' cousins and her mother, who made some truly shocking revelations.

Gloria Y. Williams, 35, and her boyfriend Brian W. Coulter, 31. (Facebook)

'We never had an apartment number'

Williams had a total of six children, between the ages of seven and 17. Four were boys and two were girls. As we previously reported, police are unable to locate the fathers of the children. One is believed to be deceased, while the other is believed to be estranged from Williams and not wanting anything to do with her. It appears Williams was also estranged from her family and rarely met them, or allowed them to meet her children.

The family confirmed Williams was estranged and would only reach out when she wanted money. One cousin, Yasmin Creag said, "Every three to six months she’s moving apartments, so we never have a solid address for her. We never had an apartment number." It is also believed Williams frequently changed phone numbers. 

When the family did enquire about the kids, Williams would only say they were at school, and never let them come inside to see them "She (would) always be like, ‘I’ll meet y’all at the front of the apartments'," Creag added. Reportedly, the family offered to raise Kendrick when he was younger, but Williams refused. "My momma has been asking for Kendrick since the day he was born and she kept telling her no. We knew that with all of these kids, eventually, she was not going to be able to be the best parent she could be," Creag said.

Family to fight for custody of kids

After Williams' arrest, Child Protective Services (CPS) said it would take custody of the three remaining boys. It is believed she had lost the rights to the two girls before the arrest, with the youngest currently in the custody of Melody Robinson, one grandmother of Williams' children. Robinson added that the elder daughter was "put out on the streets two years ago", because of a fight she had with Coulter. Robinson said she got into frequent fights with Coulter "not to touch her brother", which Williams didn't like.

"The last time I have physically seen her is when we had Christmas over here in 2019," said Williams' aunt Gladys Smith. It's unclear where the daughter is now. As for the three surviving boys, the family has made it clear they want custody of them. "They may never get over this," Robinson said. "They need the therapy to get them through it." Another mystery the family has cleared up is how Williams' paid for the two apartments she maintained.

The four boys were left abandoned in one, while Williams and Coulter stayed in another around 15 minutes away. "We factor she paid the rent with the disability checks that she gained from the kids, and that’s all we can figure," Creag said about the matter. It's unclear if any of the other children were diagnosed with disabilities. So far, it has been reported only Kendrick had autism. 

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