Girls' Generation say they're the ‘No 1 girl group’, K-pop fans flex 'no one can deny'

Girls' Generation say they're the ‘No 1 girl group’, K-pop fans flex 'no one can deny'
Girls' Generation's Twitter bio says 'No.1 girl group, Girls' Generation' (SM Entertainment/Naver, @GirlsGeneration/Twitter)

It has been a while since K-pop saw Girls’ Generation and so it looks like the girl group is going all out for their reunion. Girls’ Generation aka SNSD was one of the leading second-gen K-pop groups of the 2010s and part of the Hallyu Wave that spread to the West. However, they went on an unofficial hiatus after their hit studio album ‘Holiday Night’ in 2017. We got one TV show appearance as they reunited for their 14th debut anniversary in 2021. But Girls’ Generation is finally coming back after 5 years for their 15th anniversary.

Girls’ Generation seems to be making up for lost time as we first got the reality show ‘Soshi Tam Tam’ with all eight members. Fans were then moved when SM announced that all members, even the ones who had left the label would be reuniting for their SMTOWN Live ensemble concert in August. On July 24, we finally got a sneak-peek of their comeback as their seventh studio album is titled ‘Forever 1’ and has 10 tracks. It will be released on August 8. We got a new logo as the announcement included a floating heart in the shape of ‘G’ and a billboard. Well, the Internet also went crazy over Girls’ Generation’s Twitter bio which says ‘No.1 girl group’.

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Girls’ Generation’s flex with Twitter bio

Girls’ Generation was indeed one of the major girl groups in the globe apart from the K-pop genre as they made history. They had become the first K-pop girl group and second girl group, in general, to cross 100 million physical and digital sales following the 1960s’ divas The Supremes. Girls’ Generation also had a Guinness record for the most awards at the MelOn Music Awards back in 2018. Dubbed by Knetizens as ‘The Nation’s Girl Group’, they dominated the charts and were the first female act to win a grand prize (Daesang) at an award show.

Following such achievements, it seems that even the girls themselves know of their reputation. Fans were proud and amused as the Internet discovered that the Girls’ Generation’s Twitter bio says ‘No.1 girl group, Girls’ Generation!’. Fans are also hoping that the Girls’ Generation reunion isn’t like BIGBANG’s who dropped a reunion single without any promotions or TV show appearances. And fortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case as at the same time, a variety show appearance has been confirmed.

In her last appearance, member YoonA who had gone on the show ‘Knowing Bros’ for her acting project had shared that she wanted to return with all of Girls’ Generation. Looks like she manifested it as on July 25 it has additionally been confirmed that Girls’ Generation will be a guest on ‘Knowing Bros’ and will be filming their episode on July 28.

'Forever 1'

Knetz made comments like, “Soshi is the national girl groupㅋㅋ If Soshi is not #1, who is #1,” “No one can deny this,” and “I bet the kids who deny this don’t know anything about K-pop.” Another added, “They're time tested dude. 15 years making a comeback and still be considered as rivals for groups that are 8-15 years younger than them, that's a testament already to their position.”


Fans made a huge list as to why they still deserved the ‘No.1’ title even in 2022, “WHY GIRLS' GENERATION AKA SNSD DESERVES THE TITLE "THE NO.1 GIRL GROUP"? THIS!” Another fan added, “Snsd forever 1 with their bio still being "no. 1 girl group" love that for them.” One fan shared, “SNSD IS COMING TIME TO RISE FROM THE DEAD.” Another wrote, “They have had that bio for years, and still it's true. No. 1 girl group, Girls' Generation!"





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