Girl reprimanded because her hair violated school's dress code, complies in EPIC fashion

Girl reprimanded because her hair violated school's dress code, complies in EPIC fashion
Girl punished because her natural hair color defied school's dress code (Reddit)

A senior high school girl who was disciplined for violating her dress code at school over her hair color has responded in a spectacular fashion. Despite telling the principal that her hair, parts of which were white, was natural as she had a medical condition, she was advised to refrain from "coloring it".

When it comes to dressing standards, most schools have a double standard, and usually it's the girls who are scrutinized for their choices in clothing, hairstyles, and other personal attributes. Conservative schools are notoriously disciplinarian when it comes to such issues, and the schoolgirl fell victim to such a rule.


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A Reddit user shared his 18-year-old cousin's high school story regarding her unusual hair color which stems from a disorder called poliosis. According to Bored Panda, the disorder causes patches of hair having a different hue due to less melanin in the roots of the afflicted hair. Unaware of this, the school asked her to not dye her hair as it violated the dress code. She first colored the white area black in order to comply with the dress code at the school, ironically defying their prohibition on hair coloring.

When it grew back, the school realised it was a medical issue, which made the authorities relent on their request that she "not colour" her hair. The tale was spread on Reddit, where it gained popularity. The Reddit user wrote, "So my cousin has a natural patch of white hair at the front of her otherwise dark head of hair. She's had this all her life and it's gotten bigger as she's gotten older. She used to get teased a lot for it at school...until bleaching/dyeing the hair at the front of your head a different color than the rest of your hair became a trend, and now she blends right in with other girls her age," they wrote. Then they went on to say that the school had a severe dress code that prohibited excessive hairstyles and hair colored in "unnatural hues." Because of how she looked, it seemed like a violation.

Image of the haircolor in question shared by the Reddit user to describe their cousin's haircolor (u/Cut-Unique/Reddit)
Image of the haircolor in question shared by the Reddit user to describe their cousin's haircolor (u/Cut-Unique/Reddit)

"When in-person classes resumed at her school, one of my cousin's teachers took one look at her hair and sent her to the principal's office, insisting my cousin's "unnatural, extreme" hair was in violation of the dress code and "too distracting," despite the fact that she's never dyed/bleached any part of her hair in her life," he wrote. She defended herself but the principal refused to listen to her. "She told my cousin 'When you come back tomorrow, I expect you to have dyed your hair back to its natural color and don't dye it again! As long as you are at our school, you are to adhere to the dress code!' My cousin smugly replied with 'Of course, I will comply with the dress code from now on!'" he wrote.

Teachers complimented her on her "natural hair" when she colored the white area black, but quickly, the natural white hair grew once more. Soon, one of her instructors brought her back to the principal's office. She said that she had followed their instructions when questioned. "Well, you told me to dye my hair back to its 'natural' color and to never dye it again! So I did just that. I dyed my hair the color of the hair on most of my head to get rid of the white streak, which, by the way, is how my hair naturally grows and didn't dye it again, so now the roots are showing! I did exactly what you told me to do!"

The principal suspended her because he wasn't "buying it." Her parents however demonstrated that the white patch was a normal condition for her, and showed old images of her. Her father too had a white spot in the front of his otherwise black head of hair and that it ran in the family. The school revoked the suspension but warned that her "extreme hair is still a distraction to the other students, and they are going to wonder why you're getting special treatment. Consider yourself lucky!"

Since then, she has worn her white patch to school, but her cousin stated that she wouldn't be returning to the school as a result of the event and would be home-schooled instead.

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