Eva Hayden: 4-year-old's mom pays heartfelt tribute to her 'caring little girl' after she died of sepsis

Eva Hayden: 4-year-old's mom pays heartfelt tribute to her 'caring little girl' after she died of sepsis
Eva Hayden, 4, tragically died of 'missed opportunities' (JMW Solicitors/Family Handout)

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND: The parents of Eva Hayden, 4, have paid tributes to "caring" daughter after she died of sepsis following a series of "missed opportunities" at many hospitals. Her mother Michelle Hayden describes Eva as a "caring" girl that "loved to help people." Eva, who hailed from Kirkby, had first developed an infection in 2019 when she was hospitalized at the Ormskirk District General Hospital.

She was then transferred to the Alder Hey Hospital Emergency Department in Liverpool after she collapsed in January 2020. Despite the best efforts of the paramedics and emergency medical personnel to resuscitate her, young Eva died. She had developed sepsis after her family was not warned of the potential risks of another condition being investigated.



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Daily Mail reported that Eva’s heartbroken mother Michelle, 50, recently paid tribute to her daughter and said, “We remember Eva as such a caring little girl and in her short life she just loved to help people. Even at nursery, when there was a little girl struggling to settle, Eva took her under her wing to the point that the little girl would only come into nursery when Eva was there. I know Eva wouldn't want this to happen to another child or family. She was special and that's the way we remember her, as a special gift to the world for a short time."

The family has said that Eva’s blood tests had revealed that she had neutropenia and that she attended further blood tests on three different occasions in November at the Ormskirk Hospital but the tests had remained low. No action was taken or were any arrangements made for Eva to undergo any further blood tests.


Eva’s stay at the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital was short lived as she was discharged with a virus. However, when mom Michelle had gone to work her night shift as a support worker, Eva worsened the following morning. Her father Ged Hayden had attempted to resuscitation but she could not be revived. Her death was confirmed at 7 am on January 11, 2020, at the emergency department.

Eva’s official cause of death is "sepsis and bone marrow hypoplasia" and the coroner Andre Rebello had said that there were many "missed opportunities" to save her. Since the coroner’s call for better practices in hospitals to avoid a similar situation in the future, both the Ormskirk General Hospital and the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital have apologized to the family.

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