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‘Ginny & Georgia' Ending Explained: Did Georgia kill two ex-husbands? Deadly murder mystery hints at Season 2

'Ginny & Georgia' morphs from a mother-daughter dramedy to a murder mystery at the end of Season 1
Brianne Howey stars in 'Ginny & Georgia' (Netflix)
Brianne Howey stars in 'Ginny & Georgia' (Netflix)

Season 1 of ‘Ginny & Georgia’ begins with the death of Georgia’s (Brianna Howey) husband and Ginny’s stepfather a yoga tycoon. While his will is being contested we see Georgia, her daughter Ginny and son Austin move away to make a fresh start. But later in Episode 1 through a flashback, we see Kenny, Georgia’s yoga tycoon husband touch Ginny inappropriately, while supposedly perfecting her yoga moves.

Georgia walks in on this but still keeps her mega-watt smile fixed perfectly in place. However, shortly after this, we see Georgia cutting some flowers and mixing them in a smoothie and giving it to Kenny. Kenny then gets into his car and takes a few sips of the smoothie. The next thing we know, Kenny is clutching at his chest like he is having a heart attack and loses control of the wheel. We also see in later episodes that Kenny isn't the first husband Georgia has tried to poison. We see through flashbacks Ginny poisoning her first husband Anthony Green, who Georgia was forced to marry in order to provide a stable home for Ginny.


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With regards to Kenny however, suspicions are raised that it was in fact a heart attack that killed Kenny since he was in peak physical health. His health records also show that he had absolutely no warning signs that could have pointed to a heart attack. Jesse the Private Investigator, hired by Kenny's wife to help contest the will, sees Georgia gardening one day and notices that she is growing Wolfsbane, a plant that can cause heart attacks. Jesse's suspicions are then further aroused. He seeks permission to exhume Kenny's body to find out if the wolfsbane in fact was the cause of his death. However, Georgia is already two steps ahead and has the body dug up before it can be exhumed. So where exactly do the ashes go? Well, instead of skeletons in the closet it's ashes in the cupboard. 

Brianne Howey stars as the shrewd Georgia in 'Ginny & Georgia'

Jesse meets with Ginny in the final episode of the season and shares all this with her. He tells her that he believes Georgia is dangerous and he is fearful of the fact that two kids lived under the same roof as Georgia. Ginny retains her composure while talking to Jesse and says her mother could never do such a thing. However, she rushes home and dashes to her mother's cupboard where her worst fears are confirmed. Ginny had earlier discovered packets of mud in Georgia's cupboard but at that time had no understanding of what they were. She then decides to run away with Austin to a destination undisclosed. In the meantime, Georgia has no clue about these developments and is busy cheering on her fiance Mayor Paul Randolph as he gets re-elected.

'Ginny and Georgia' stars Brianne Howey and Scott Porter (Netflix)

Jesse confronts Georgia once again at the Mayor's victory rally. In a tongue-in-cheek fashion Georgia hints that she has used the fireworks to celebrate Mayor Paul's victory to scatter Kenny's ashes. The last few minutes of Season 1 ends with Jesse getting a call from an informant that Kenny wasn't Georgia's first husband. Her first husband Anthony Green is now listed as a missing person and he went missing a few weeks after he married Georgia. 

Well, that's certainly one chequered past. Will Georgia be able to use her charm and wits to wrangle her way out of this latest set of complications and will she ever see her children again? We already can't wait for the answers in Season 2 of 'Ginny & Georgia'.